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Toons These Days: Ep. 2

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The second of the three "pilot" episodes.
It doesn't seem that Doggy was willing to watch past the first two episodes.

My opinion: The Powerpuff Girls - violence + Looney Tunes slapstick = MLP: FIM

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I liked this animation, though it does seem a little short. The animation's nice to look at and expressive, and I like the old-cartoon look for Doggy. Doggy's voice, though it kind of annoys me, is good as it keeps with the old-timer thing. The humour is okay; although a few of the jokes were good (like the "Popeye, G.I. Joe, Goku" one), others seemed to fall flat (like the "aquarium" one). Also, I liked how it did not entirely focus on the fans, and did delve into the actual toon (I've seen a lot that people focus more on the fans than the actual show, especially on IMDB and this review section, apparently). Overall, this was a nice short, and it's been a few years so I know that you have improved.

The next part is not about the short and is an optional read.

Now for my two cents on the topic. I myself think that it is a fun, albeit flawed show, but the flaws don't hinder my enjoyment of it too much. Personally, I can see why people either love or hate the show; it's obviously something different from the norm in many ways. Its style of humour is not cynical or snide and is barely sarcastic; it's more lighthearted, and I guess that's a point that people either latch on to or let go. Another is that the show isn't all about comedy or adventure, and is a mixture of different things. Overall, though, it's slice-of-life; as such, the topics don't delve too much into what people usually watch like Avatar: The Last Airbender (one of my favourite shows when I was younger) or The Walking Dead. There's no death -- I think -- and the closest it can get is a little gloomy or hint at death (it's either for dark humour or to cause tension). However, I think another, more biased point that determines it is whether or not they have heard or had experiences with fans. I would rather not delve into the thing, but basically people believe that the fans have a lot of problems if they watch this show and base the show on the fans in a loop. There are a bunch of iffy guys out there that are into this thing, but there are also a bunch of iffy guys into most things; most of these guys, no matter what they're a fan of, are over-reactive and are the vocal minority of their respective groups. Most people don't actually care. There's also the presumption that "girl" shows (it's more of a family picture) are inherently bad and that that could not and should not change.

TL;DR -- It's all opinionated and depends on tastes. Some people that are fans or are not fans are taking things too seriously, and the general populace doesn't care about the show or how much they love or hate it. Let bygones be bygones and move on, preferably without ad-hominem attacks.

I love Mlp and I respect your opinion, but you still get 2 stars from me.

my little pony... 10 OUT OF 10 COOKIES!!!

I don't hate brony's or pegasisters, but I don't like mlp. I've seen an episode and it's pretty intelligent but I just dont like it. It's not my cup of tea.

Was everyone lured to this by MLPFIM or not? cause that show is boss