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FML Reach

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So ive seen alot of parodies around about Reach and i thought "hey you know who's a stupid bitch?" This is the answer. Oh and just in case you didnt know FML Stands for Fuck My Life. The first of the series. And i know my mics bad so if i get enough likes ill buy a new one

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You have more potential than I do! But you gotta be more fluid and outgoing with animation and sound. Like the guy below me, you sounded like you weren't able to yell in your house, but I think the quiet whispering at the end also made it kind of funnier, as if you were telling a story, or a joke rather than voicing a cartoon.

Ahh you can do better

Practise your voices a bit more if you wanna do this all yourself so they sound different. else call some other people to record voice.

The small length actually pretty sucked you could have make it longer.

The graphics were ok, and the animation was good

continue like this i give you 5/5

XxSoapSlingerxX responds:

Thanks man that means alot to me i put a ton of effort into this and length seems to haunt me so sorry for that. And on the subject of voices yes i need to practice and need more people but im a tad short on that. If you could give me proper hd screen measurments thatd be awesome cause i hate the quality im producing at right now and thanks for watching

Louder! (yay).

On paper this is good, the animation and delivery is fine, but you really need to get somebody else to do the voices, or speak clearer yourself. Half the time you sound restrained, like there was someone else in the house who you didn't want to disturb. Find a quiet spot, and try again WITH GUSTO! (I think at one point, I could hear you giggling as well.)

XxSoapSlingerxX responds:

Haha your spot on that was the reason for my quiteness and i mumble alot so sorry for that. And the giglle i didnt take ot cause i thought it kinda suited the part and it was fun to make

I didn't like it

Not because of the poor animation, because I can overlook the quality of the animation if the comedy is good. But in this case, it isn't. The jokes aren't funny, neither for real comedy or troll comedy, it just ain't funny. The voices are bad, not just kind of bad but really bad.

XxSoapSlingerxX responds:

Sorry for disapointing you but i cant please everyone