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You are a druggy in need of xtc get as many tablets as possible! you have infinitive lives and can submit your highscores at any time!


seems to still have a long way to go

the levels are a little boring, theres no point to collecting the dots(ie doesnt unlock or do anything), no music!!, the trampolines dont make you jump any higher or look like anything, theres no ending you just fall into the void and please get rid of mr.mackie bad guys, maybe use police/angry drug dealers something besides mackie. all that being said it does have some potential so i hope you keep at it and make a really fun game!

fun but needs to be flushed out more

ok as is but does still feel like it is still feels more like a sketch then a complete game. It was fun enough to keep me playing for the few levels and that in itself is saying something because I have a very short attention span and will not stick with something that I do not find fun. So good job on the game play aspect of it now if you could just flush it out a little more and add some detail maybe even sounds to it would be a great fun game.
Oh also a little buggy got to one level and my guy just fell off the screen and that was it nothing else happen. I do not know if this was the way it suppose to be or what but it is a little buggy.
One more thing is maybe add a little more animation to the charters it would really help draw the player in more to your gaming world.
Cheers and best of luck on your future gaming endeavors.

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The keys get stuck. And i keep fallin off.

Please Fix

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I don't even...

Low rating because the game just isn't fun. Scoring is broken, since there are no set amount of lives, you can continually collect the...dots and die. It won't reset your score, so there's no incentive to try very hard.

Also, how the hell can people have scores on there from 932 days ago when you just uploaded this today?...

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not a bad start

. but I'd hardly dare to call this a finished game. Not that creating this alone wouldn't take significant time and effort -- but you should really invest more to polish this baby up and then you might truly have something.

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1.45 / 5.00

Nov 12, 2011
6:58 PM EST
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