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Bacteria Simulator

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Author Comments

This is some old thing I made which I recently decided to revive. It's really not a game with an objective, but it is interactive, so I thought I'd submit it.

Also, please don't tell me I fail biology forever. I know it's not accurate.

WARNING: This is a sandbox/simulator, not a game where anyone wins.

Basically, click anywhere on the screen to place bacterial cells. Bacterial come in all sorts of flavors with different behaviors. (Note: There are 4 species, colors are purely decorative.)

Also, the options and graph buttons let you view the options and the graph. They're kinda interesting.

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Very fun to play!

Impressive! There is some solid basic evolutionary modeling behind this!

Simple and intuitive!

The only thing I have say agains is... I don't believe there is such a thing as herbivore ou predator bacteria

Stability achived between Yellow Herbs, Gray Herbs and Red Carns

Entertaining going through the different outcomes caused by minor tweaks and fixes!

Good bacteria simulator.Maybe the best!