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In this dungeon crawler you must solve puzzles, avoid dangerous traps and blow stuff up in order to escape your prison as quickly as possible.

Can you get the best clear time?

Walkthrough and speedrun(Although it ruins the experience):
http://youtu.be/Hc5dbvEca jc

Fixed a game breaking bug at the final boss. Last minute oversight.


pretty good in my opinion

It was hard to understand, but due to the idea of clicking, moving the mouse, etc will eventually lead me somewhere helped me understand the game. It was pretty easy for my to comprehend after a while, i agree there needs to be more clear help. I enjoyed playing the game and it was hard at times, but that's good cause it was challenging but not too much :) all in all, i enjoyed it very much. I hope you come out with more interesting games.

It really deserves 10 stars

This game is very well made and i love the fact that we have to think. The way you made everything look is very beautiful. i really enjoyed playing the game. Thank you for making it c=

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It's Pretty good, Still a few bugs to work out

Overall its a good game. Its not that hard to figure out the controls, or the goal. There seems to be a few bugs that need to be worked out though. Like on the level when you have to move the colored shells to the correct spot. If you hit the side of the lava while holding a shell the shell seems to stick there and you can't really get it back without hurting yourself again. 10 stars!

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Decently fun

Only issues are bombs tend to not work/go boom during the last fight and the controls are a bit wacky.

Good game.

I enjoyed it, the only thing that bugged me was that it was really hard to understand. I spent a good time trying to figure out how all the bombs, weird portals and everything would work to get me through the "levels".

Making it a bit more newbie friendly would be a good idea.

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3.23 / 5.00

Nov 11, 2011
4:21 PM EST
Adventure - Other