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Hey! This is a quickie that we made this summer. It features local multiplayer so you can play it with a friend if you have one! Like James Montego always said:

" Hey we made this game ot make cash but it only made 900 piasse "

- Jane Mondragon

Controls (customizable):

arrow keys to move
s to attack
a to jump
a + s to kick

Thanks to Tim Flup for the front page!


Doesn't really get any simpler.

I find this game to just purely mindless and purely fun. As far as plot goes, it more or less goes along the lines of "here are some aleins, beat the crap out of them." Of course what it lacks in plot it makes up for in simple and addictive game play. You only have one button to attack, one to jump and four to move. This makes the game easy to pick and removes any chance of the controls becoming needlessly complex. Not to say that this can't be a chalanging game, you will have to make the most of juggling opponents and bringing down bigger enemies if you want to make it to the high score list. Even if you can't get on the list, it's still very satisfying to beat the loving crap out of every alien in sight. Somtimes good old fistcufts can bring more satisfaction than the most powerful alien weaponry. However, there are a few draw backs to the simple nature of the game. There are only three levels and every character performs the same, which can leave players who perfer vararity disapointed. While the game is addictive, there is not much in replay value besides getting a higher score. Additionaly, there is a noticable delay between picking up the health power up and the power up taking effect, and it can be frusterating to accidently fall off the stage. But overall, this game is a fairly solid, brainless, fun-filled beat em up that can be enjoyed for a long time. Because sometimes it's just better to punch them in the face.

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Big 'meh' on this one

Seems very poorly conceived... as if you hadn't really put yourself in the shoes of those playing it without thourough knowledge of the entire developmental process would think when noticing certain features in particular those which players weren't prior informed about. In summary it seems like it wasn't even nearly alpha tested before being "finalized" and these things show.


well, it is a good game. i was amused with it for a while and enjoyed how fluid it was. just, it had so much potential. it needs more shit. really. in these days wwe have gotten used to the style of double dragon and want more. its a shame for you to put out such a fun game full of potential, but let it fall short on things like replayability. i dont know. it was cool, but only for a few minutes.

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Who is Tim Flup?

UltraPitchFork responds:

The CEO of Newlands.biz


Awesome game, love the upbeat music, but it's a bit repetitive. Love the glitch that allows me to practically fly though!! XD

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3.83 / 5.00

Nov 10, 2011
8:40 PM EST
Action - Fighting - Brawler