LRD2: Conquest

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The story begins a very long time ago with a lone great warrior. He fought valiantly for his country, defending it and his king from the undead. In one final and almost fatal fight, he was left for dead in the kingdom he fought so hard for. A mage found him and saved his soul by binding it to a demon. He became Lethal Jagged Spine, a brutal man who had a thirst for vengeance. In this intense role playing game, your mission is to form an army and take over the kingdom. Fight off knights, dinosaurs, goblins, and other creatures to gain experience, money, respect, and soldiers to fight for you. Make sure you have enough experience before fighting or you will lose money and soldiers. Can you overthrow the king?

Patch 1.01: Souls are acquired more often from weaker enemies and gain more gold from kills.

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stone men bleeds!

i love this game! but i agree with Anthromorphick i think that Lethal should be in the castle attacking
but other then that its awesome

Maybe try this: Try reducing EXP to level slightly, allow PVP online, Let us get more than 1 soul at a time etc.


Hahaha! Pretty fun, Benspyda, this is my favorite series of the Lethal Rpg games, anyways, this is a very cool game, but, what if Lethal can be in the Castle Attacking, because Lethal is a fighter, and not a coward, he should be on the Castle Attacking, and also, while Lethal is in the Castle Attacking, you can cast spells, Like blast, pheonix as seige (but lower damage), and i give it a 4.5/5, its not 5 stars because in doesen't have treasures, and mini-games at a small prize :D