The Walking Dead Ep. 1-4

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Just something I threw together real quick. I have seen a lot of people online complain about how slow the show is, with the first 4 episode looking for Sophia and I whipped this up.


Is this from the movie or from the game i never saw this on the game so ...
still it was 5 secs long i dont know should i give it a good or a bad rating i gave it 3 stars then i said to my self well i love the TWD alot so ill give it a 5 cause i love TWD ALOT!!!!!

What about Carl being shot? Shane's steady decline into insanity? Andrea and Dale's relationship re-building? Shane killing Otis?

The Walking Dead is amazing, and it annoys me so much when people focus on this.

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ManNSmkyRoom responds:

Don't take it the wrong way, I also love the TWD. I just took what "fans" were complaining about and made an "animation" out of it. The cast seem to like them, thanks for watching!

Too bad...

That Sophia is a zombie now, course anyone who reads the comics woulda known that way way ahead of time, the comics are like... a spoiler into what'll be the next 5 seasons of the show if it keeps going.

ManNSmkyRoom responds:

I believe Sophia is still alive in the comics...


Yea, pretty much ha, though I'm enjoying it anyway.. lol. Good to see yet another good upload from you! I'm jealous of your drawing skills. haha. Anyway it was quite short, but I liked it. Keep up the good work :) 4/5.


Actually, I think you gave away a spoiler when he yelled Sophia :) Not bad at all.

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Nov 10, 2011
4:11 AM EST
Comedy - Parody