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Song Of Skyrim

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Author Comments

The FIRST of two brand spankin' new toons about Skyrim that I have coming out.

Here are the lyrics...

What happened to you gamers?
It seems somewhere along the way
You turned from doing good
And so now evil's holding sway

Rhythm games and fitness games
And even cooking sims!
What else are we to do?
Fight the fight in old Skyrim!

Beyond the frozen tundra
Lies the homeland of the Nords
Where radiant stories bloom
and you can dual wield magic and swords

Use perks just like in Fallout
Defend the family that you've reared
Kill dragons just by shouting
You can even have a beard

The game of life's a drag
It's filled with homework, filled with books
My job is lame and girls make fun
Of my less than stellar looks

Damn it boy why do you heed
To such shallow, mortal whims?
There's a battle that needs your steel my son
In the land of old Skyrim!

Sorry about the big file size, I deliberately did it to aggravate all of you.




Holy crap man.

Usually I try not to review animations that are related to something I know nothing about, but I've gotta make an exception here. That was awesome. I've never played Skyrim, but I sure as hell want to now.

So true.

This is so legit. Skyrim is one the funniest, life consuming game ive evvvveeer player. Already got 100 hours into it!!! Relmyna can suck my dick.

To miss Relmyna:

You are probably as serious as any of the people who are bashing you, and I respect that. But, I have two key points:
You appear to have wandered onto an animation about this game you say is evil. Why would you be browsing a site full of hentai (anime porn, basically) and other such evils, click on a link which is labeled as a link to an animation about a game you clearly think is satanic, and then write a review about it? Clearly, you must have made a mistake, as anyone else with your POV would probably just go somewhere else, or perhaps post on your church's internet forum about this game.
Your research, honestly, is pathetic. I do not mean to make fun of you for this; I think your efforts are good, but they are...misguided. From what I have heard, there are plenty of honest, God-loving religious parents who completely miss an important detail (or lack thereof) and begin a shouting match. Having played games such as Skyrim, I have personal experience that the magic, for example, is almost uncopyable. In the game, when casting a spell, all the player does is point at a target. No preparation is made, and none of the spellcasting process is revealed. On the topic of sex, as another example, I have yet to find an occasion on which the player can have sex. However, the player may choose to marry a character in-game. Finally, as far as the body modification, there is nothing about creating an imaginary creature that suggests changing one's own body. I have played the game, and chose to play as a part-cat character, and yet I do not wish to surgically add cat ears to my head!

Again, I mean only to help, and not to ridicule--I wanted to provide advice.

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Someone's an angry furry, eh?

Nice and simple song, but a bit short imo.

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Credits & Info

4.44 / 5.00

Nov 9, 2011
5:03 PM EST
Comedy - Parody
  • Frontpaged November 10, 2011
  • Daily Feature November 10, 2011
  • Weekly 2nd Place November 16, 2011