Song Of Skyrim

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The FIRST of two brand spankin' new toons about Skyrim that I have coming out.

Here are the lyrics...

What happened to you gamers?
It seems somewhere along the way
You turned from doing good
And so now evil's holding sway

Rhythm games and fitness games
And even cooking sims!
What else are we to do?
Fight the fight in old Skyrim!

Beyond the frozen tundra
Lies the homeland of the Nords
Where radiant stories bloom
and you can dual wield magic and swords

Use perks just like in Fallout
Defend the family that you've reared
Kill dragons just by shouting
You can even have a beard

The game of life's a drag
It's filled with homework, filled with books
My job is lame and girls make fun
Of my less than stellar looks

Damn it boy why do you heed
To such shallow, mortal whims?
There's a battle that needs your steel my son
In the land of old Skyrim!

Sorry about the big file size, I deliberately did it to aggravate all of you.



I must have hit replay at least 3 times now...make me smile every time!

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I enjoyed the song immensly Happy Harry and now I have remembered where your username comes from and I must say I enjoy that subtle Watchmen reference.

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Love the message

But, there was something that held back the video. It wasn't nearly as catchy as your first Skyrim song. The first song actually had me wanting to sing along with it, this one not so much. I love the message in the video, but it feels more like a rhythmic rant than a song.

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no way!

the main bearded dude singing is the guy from your first skyrim song, snt he? anyway, skyrim is the absolute shit, and this song should and must be sent out acrost the vast and grand plains of the internet, a call to all who have the unfortunance of not having heard of skyrim, for it is not even a plausability that one could have even heard the name "skyrim" without having thier minds blown several times over! this song should be the battlw cry upon the lips of all those who fight and die in battle, both virtual, and physical. none have spoken a truth as strongley and rightly as this song, for nothing compares to skyrims amazing and in-depth game play. you, sir have struck a note in the hearts of all those who are in this plane of existance, wether dead, or alive, wether evil, or good, wether fruit, or vegitable! i praise you, all-mighhty harry of the song!

wow, aint i the biggest kiss-ass ever!

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One of the best animators man

I need this game and Dark Souls

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Nov 9, 2011
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