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Ww2 Airfighters

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A giant fleet of enemy is escorting an enemy Flying Fortress that is heading towards our lines.. it's your duty to stop them!

WASD - Move Left Mouse - Fire
Arrows - Move Z - Fire

M - Turn music on/off

TO WIN: Survive, destroy 3 medium bombers then destroy the BIG flying Fortress.

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n o

Dude this gmeSUCKS it has horible graphics i my self am a uge fan of WW2 and it wuld help if yu could makenew environmnts like D-Day.


I'm a World War II fan, so it would have been nice if you had put more effort into this game. Like maybe having different settings from WW2 and different aircraft to choose from. What is the player flying, a Shturmovic or a Lavochkin (I noticed the red star)? Is the enemy flying a Messerschmitt or a Focke? And is that bomber A Heinkel or a Junker? You get my drift.

And the hero gets the realistic 50-cal while the enemy planes fire energy balls in all directions? Must be some secret Nazi weapon.

Arrotino responds:

The player (should) flies a french plane with a russian skin lol
The first three little bombers are Junkers.
The Big fortress at the end game is (probalby) a GIANT Henkel lol.
The enemy fighters have only the skin of a german fighter.

but i could be wrong.. eh eh .. Try another play with the game.


I love Iron Maiden. They(the band) are not weak like your game. Your game's mechanics simply blow nothing away. This is a very boring game.

Arrotino responds:

Enjoy kaka.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dTaD9c d8hvw


its very adictive but it gots a bad grafics it culd be beter but you got my 9 nice one very adictive