Mission Molly: Grounded

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In this game you collect things from around Molly's room to create a way to sneak out without her dad knowing.


This is a very puzzling escape game, Chix! Stimulating but ya know what's missing from it? Hints!! Many escape games give us little clues as to what order to grab and use what the usages are for, man! For example, key opens footlocker, key's in diary, clues to open diary and codes for TV and box in closet are cleverly concealed. One obvious escape route is a red herring and if you fall for it- Molly's on the tub and game over! That ripped paper is impossible! I tried it everywhere. Logical choices- magazines, diary, star above front door- all useless! The only other escape game this confusing was Dresser Disaster! So- how abot a few hints eh? I have a migraine already! Thanks for a perplexing game. I once did an escape game where I had to release 3 girls from shackles and handcuffs. Challenging, but I finally made it. Never did finish DD although the author did include most of the clues. Enjoyable game this Molly game- after a fashion.

Was ok =)

I`d find it very entertaining if i were a bored girl. But as i`m a male adult, it might not be designed for my age or gender. I prefer escape-games with a darker and more dangerous atmosphere...

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2.73 / 5.00

Nov 9, 2011
3:22 PM EST
Skill - Collect