the Engineer

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Bomber 5 Points

Place a bomb on destructible terrain

Maxified Armor 10 Points

Fully upgrade your armor

Maxified Turret 10 Points

Upgrade any turret to its maximum

Maxified Weapon 10 Points

Fully upgrade a hand held weapon

Fully Loaded 25 Points

Buy all hand held weapons at once

Survivor 25 Points

Last 2 minutes in survival mode

Time for a FemBot 50 Points

Finish Zach Scrap's Campaign

Author Comments

Some people have been experiencing issues with the game. If it won't open at all, try updating the flash player, and using a browser other than IE. To those with whom it works but is extremely laggy, Flash Player 11 allowed us to code the game to use your graphics processor instead of just the ram/CPU. Flash player 11 is still brand new and I guess we're experiencing first hand the incompatibility issues, so please forgive the inconvenience!

You can also try right clicking, settings, then selecting the tab to the left and making sure you have 'enable hardware acceleration' allowed. Also try making sure your graphics card drivers are up to date.


THIS GAME will NOT work unless you have installed the Latest Flash player update (Flash Player 11)!

WASD - movement
Click - Shoot/build
Space Bar - Build Mode

Objective: hack all enemy control terminals through the game, or outlast the world in survival mode!

Code - Moonkey
Character Art - Jazza
Environments - Zeedox
Sound - zStriefel
Music - Master Uziks




The first level was awesome. Then I started the second. Got near the first terminal, threw down a turret, and started shooting. Then the screen froze. The terminal showed it was still being hacked, and sound effects continued as if the game were still playing, but I died after a short while of not knowing what the fuck was happening. I clicked "retry" thinking maybe it wouldn't freeze again, only to see myself exactly froze the way it was right when the level started. Thinking ahead, I closed the game via the "hide game" x button, and clicked play again. Now currently there is a screen up that says "The Engineer" and has his picture. No buttons, no sound, nothing, just the main menu picture.

Fix your bugs.

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I played the entire thing through.

And frankly, despite some mild lag, it really was an amazing game.
As for graphics, you can't really ask for too much in this style of games, but you definitely pulled it off. I wish you could lower them, to help reduce lag, though.
Gameplay itself was the perfect combination of "OH FUCK" difficultly, harsh combat, and strategy. There were time I felt completely overwhelmed and lost horribly, and never once did I feel like the game was being a pushover.
The music is perfect for the setting and, though I wasn't expecting much, it was good. The voice acting and animation during the cut scenes was very well done and funny.
Lastly, the storyline (what little there was) made perfect sense, albeit short (but hey, if we wanted storyline we would've played Mardek or something).
So there is absolutely no reason to rate this lower than 9, and if there wasn't any lag, it would be a 10.

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Does not work.

I just downloaded the latest flash player from the adobe website, and i am receiving an error message that I need a more updated version.

Holy shit, lag

I have the latest Flash player update. I still can't play the game because it's lagging too much. My computer is not old enough nor your game fancy enough that this should be happening. Spend some time on optimization

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I instantly liked this game the moment he said "you can Fuck Off", I thought that was awesome.
really cool, rather tricky but as dark souls has shown us, hard games can be super fun too

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Credits & Info

3.94 / 5.00

Nov 9, 2011
12:29 PM EST
Action - Other