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On No, Cowboy Vampires

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Author Comments

Hello Newgrounds! Super-happy to finally be releasing this game, and seeing what you all think of it. So I really like Tower Defence games, they're kind of a guilty pleasure of mine (that and LOTS OF DRUGS. No, not really. I'm a games developer, of course not.) so I thought I'd make one myself. I also thought I'd throw in a bunch of really bizarre enemies, just to make it at least a little different.

The game lets you build towers in whatever order you like, I thought I was a genius coming up with this. Then I discovered that there's actually an incredibly popular game called Desktop Tower Defence that does it too. And also Starland Multiplayer TD does it as well. And probably, like, a million other TD games. I felt very much less like a genius upon discovering them all.

What else haven't I said. The game took four weeks to write and do all the art for. Oh, HairyGames.com were awesome and sponsored the game, please check them out.

I really hope you like the game! (My hint for it, build a good maze and use upgraded slow towers.)

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the enemy is really slow but the game is cool.

Good start!

Well really good start with this one, earning a little more money per kill would be nice and don't forget a speed up button, speed up 1x, 2x, 4x, 8x or something like that would make it nice to play for a longer time. got borred of waiting for enemies to pass by and money for too long, maybe an upgrade every 5 waves like +20% money or something?

Overal good gameplay, just trying to give some pointers and if you do use those I'll be more than happy to finish the game ^^

DizzyDoo responds:

Hey, thanks! You've got some good ideas, adding those speed up buttons are really tricky, but you can build while the enemies are going round the maze. I might have to add some money bonuses though, they sound fun. Give me a few hours to develop that...

EDIT: Made a few changes so you can get some extra money when an enemy dies. Enjoy!


A boulder kicked my ass