Balls 2D

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What can I say? It was first game I've played in '94. And I've decided... Some day I'll do something like this =). What happend is you to judge!

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Very Clever

When I saw this I was like, this is just gonna be arkanoid isnt it?
But I was wrong, the power up system with bricks turning into power ups if they're hit then turning into better ones if they're hit again, the way bricks fall so you have to hit the ones underneath and can hit them as well and the strategy of it was all so clever, so simple and so fun.
I love the way you've taken the template and destroyed it.
This game is so old, yet so new :P

ProjectNatalie responds:

Im glad that you found the "hidden objects" of this game, and love it! =)
Special thanks for your thoughts!


It's a well made game and the graphics are smooth. But you made the most annoying thing in these games twice as annoying. I'm talking about hitting the last few bricks. In your game the bricks follow physics, so they don't drop through other bricks or get destroyed, they stand on top of other bricks. So when you get 3 bricks stacked, I'm constantly hitting them from above and since the top brick is loose already it makes no difference if I hit it billion times. Now I need to try to hit it from below, and well, like I said, twice as annoying.

ProjectNatalie responds:

Yep, there is some thing!
But as I tried to comply with the physics laws, I decided to leave everything as is.
If you'll hit from top, a stone lying on the ground, he did not fall through the ground.
And yet, it looks pretty cool, when you knock the last brick, and whole stack of bricks is falling on you! =)

Thanks for your thoughts!


This game deserves success, its the freshest game of this type I have played in a long time. I have played DXBall, Breakquest and many other games of this type (I even developed one!).

If this game doesn't gain a higher score (currently 3.3) and get a front page it would be a travesty.

Very good job - Thank you very much :)

ProjectNatalie responds:

Oh my! I've so glad, that there are still people who love the classics!
My heart warmed, for such words!
Thanks, thanks, thanks! =)


I'm a huge fan of DX-ball and have spent hours playing it, so obviously I loved this one too. First of all, I like the music in the background, it's not annoying which could really ruin the pleasure of playing. What was really cool is that the ball loses some of its speed in the mid air, makes it a bit challenging - always a good thing, not too easy. Also good thing that there are enough lives and not just like two or three.
This one is definitely going to my favorites.

ProjectNatalie responds:

Wow! True connoisseur of the genre! I'm glad you enjoy it.
Yes, music was made by real PRO!
Challenge, challenge, challenge... Yes it's here. It's for you!
Thanks for your thoughts! =).

Credits & Info

3.89 / 5.00

Nov 9, 2011
10:53 AM EST
Skill - Other