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[EDIT] Uploaded a new version with the bug ("cannot end game") fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Ballz! is my version of the "bounce-a-ball" game, which has a slight alteration -- differing platforms and upgrades! It's meant to be simple, yet good in terms of gameplay, which may or may not be fulfilled.
Either way, here's the instructions:

» To bounce the ball, click on it. This is the important part. CLICK ON THE BALL!
» You lose a life every time the ball touches the ground. You have 3 lives in each game.
» You can upgrade:
»» The force at which you hit the ball (directly influences money earned)
»» The money earned with each ball click (self-explanatory)
»» The weight of the ball (decrease it, less force required to push it up)
»» The gravity of the world around the ball (less force required regardless of weight)
» The objective is to earn all the upgrades.

I'm thinking of adding some scoreboards right now, but because they're supposed to be admin-approved, I'm against the idea for now, or at least until people demand it.


Programmer: Gimmick
Art: Gimmick
Ball Textures: Crazy Machines New From The Lab textures
Main song: St0rmchaser
Song ID: 223803
Sound effects: Adobe Flash's base sound FX (common libraries)
Font: Schoenecker, Warmonger BB

Have fun, and don't forget to play it before voting!
~ Gimmick

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not bad, but could use a few things

The music was okay and I love a "get-all-the-upgrades" game as much as the next guy, but I relly had trouble understanding this game at first, once I got the hang of it though... I kinda lost interest :(

Things to improve upon
- The upgrade menu was a bit sketchy, and It would have been nice to have a little more info on the upgrades you were buying (before you bought them)
- I didn't really understand the "money-gaining" system here
- It would have been nice to hear more than just one song in this, and a mute button is a must
- I encountered a weird bug where the music started playing multiple instances of the song, and I ended up getting attacked by this "Tri-layered beast of a song"

Overall this game is pretty cool, but still a bit buggy

-Review Request Club-


Bounce-a-ball games are very basic games, but they are a good way to practice action script and other things you need to create a game.

Controls are simple enough, it's just that I never have been good at those type of games.
But I like the ability to upgrade certain things, it adds a lot of replay value to the game. It would be cool if there was some sort of highscore system, like "most bounces in a row" or "highest bounce", those kind of things.

You also should look into a way to disable the TAB button. I could simply hit tab and then space to bounce the ball. When the ball went too high it was suddendly gone, heh.

{ Review Request Club }

Difficult to enjoy

Well the music was alright at least to me. Everything else felt like a great big mess that I didn't even bother trying to play medium or hard. Easy felt like hard already due to the physics of the game. Mostly because of how fast your reaction needs to be at first to keep the ball from touching the ground. The bounces are so weak at first that the ball shouldn't even bounce twice upon hitting the ground either.

The music was cool I guess since it never ended as it was a well made loop but sometimes you just want to mute it and make the music stop altogether. A mute button would be nice to have.

The animation was pretty simple anyways too. The GIMMICK intro piece was cool though.

The game play was slightly annoying though. Earning more coins was harsh. That and the fact that after one money upgrade you start hitting decimal numbers in the money seems rather pointless to me. The harder hitting was nice except when the ball was higher for a long time I thought I would earn more money for keeping it up there longer but alas that never happened and I did not get much.

The weight of the ball being lighter was nice I guess. The only good upgrade sadly was light gravity. After getting all three upgrades it becomes a whole lot easier to keep the ball up there for ages rather than having to be extremely fast in hitting the ball which was always annoying since hitting it anywhere but on the bottom meant it was being forced to the ground which was kind of annoying.

Overall, could use a lot of improving. I would change the ball's physic to where it always goes up since when you click it is meant to go up high right? Fix that and maybe the game won't be so bad. Everything else was OK, just add a mute button and change the background as well to something else.

Review Request Club

I couldn't get into it

Right, I read the instructions and had a go, but the game is just too annoying, even on easy to get into. Programming issues really took away from the prospect of this being entertaining, as clicking the ball between the centre and the lowest point should still send it upwards, not down faster.

The music annoyed the crap out of me - every time tou restarted the level, the tune went from the beginning, which after one play through was bad enough, but to have the same snatch of tune a) really doesn't do the audio any justice and b) more than puts you off your game.

Touch pads are not designed for a game like this - if you want to play this game, a mouse is recommended. A shame I didn't know that before trying to play.

Now, to balance it somewhat, the graphics were quite good - the font for the instructions was quite annoying, but other than that, it was an aesthetic work, that was let down by the game mechanics, the physics and the programming. Work on those areas and the game could easily become passable, I'm sure.

Clearly, the voting public don't pay enough attention to a critically flawed piece such as this to reject, so that the modifications could have been made in the first place, eh?

[Review Request Club]

Gimmick responds:

1) I understand, I'll add a mute button. I actually didn't know that there was no mute button until now X|
2) Ah, well. Some types of games are just not built for touchpads. Any suggestions to improve?
3) Okay.

I'll submit a better version based on all you guys' feedback, thanks for the review.

Some major flaws

The largest that you really need to fix is that you gain money for clicking the ball, and not for the length or time it flies. This is especially irritating on the later levels, where you get for a ball 23500 above the clickable screen only about 40 money. If I spam click the ball for a few seconds I get more money.

Another is that it takes really long for a ball to reach the ground. Having to wait a minute for a ball to land isn't an exception. With a very boring background, I'd rather play another game while waiting.

It's just too plain and boring to be really enjoyable. If you could cut off the current "throw" it wouldn't be so boring. A button to the main menu would be nice too.

I think it's better to NOT buy some of the upgrades, since it makes the game a lot slower and more boring if you do.
And the tries taken and ball clicks are indeed broken.

Another nice addition would be to be able to edit the background and ball, maybe even with your own .gifs.

Review request club

Gimmick responds:

I like the suggestion ("edit background and ball"). I'll incorporate it into the next release.

I understand that you gain money only for clicking the ball and not for making it go high, whoa, major mistake on my part. I should've known better >.<

I was going to add a go to main menu button, but ah, my memory serves me badly...it's not the first time. Anyways, I will refer back to these helpful reviews to see what I've forgotten, completely justifies the low score, since I didn't plan anything and just created something spontaneously :P

The tries taken and ball bounced...funny, it worked in the internal flash environment...

Anyhow, thanks for the review, it was really helpful!

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3.37 / 5.00

Nov 9, 2011
10:51 AM EST
Adventure - Point 'n Click