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NG Audio Elevator

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Author Comments

This application is ideal for those who like to listen to music as they do other things, or for those who regularly check out the latest songs on the portal. Just put an audio number (ideally from the latest song on the audio portal) in the gray box and press Go. After the song is finished the program will subtract 1 from the initial audio number and thus play next song down the list on the audio portal.

How to use :
1. Copy the audio number at the end of any URL/address on an audio portal song.
(example: For http://www.newgrounds.com /audio/listen/432307: copy the 432307 at the end)
2. Paste the number into the gray box on the startup screen or press the Get Random Song button.
3. Press the Go button. The program will load then play the song. When that song is finished it will automatically load then play the next song down the list on the audio portal.
4. To skip the current song: Press the down arrow. For the previous song: press the up arrow.
5. To pause/resume: press the middle button
6. Press Get Song to go to the audio page where you can download the song.

If you start with an older song you may run into blank URLS. The player will load but there won't be any song. Just press the down button to move on to the next song.

Update (Nov 11th/ 2011):
Good News Everyone!
Due to the vast amounts of (c)rap music entering the audio portal I've made it slightly more convenient to skip the song, pause or go to the previous one using keyboard input.

DOWN = Skip Song
UP = Previous Song
SPACE = Pause/Play

Update (Nov 16th/ 2011):
I've made a couple of fixes.
Thanks to Coop, I found out that if you try to use the pause/play button before the song is loaded problems arise. That is no longer the case. I've also enabled it to detect if something that isn't a number is entered by the user at start up.

Update (17/2011):
I've managed to enable it to detect and skip invalid audio numbers. So now it's safe try older numbers (like 555).


intersting idea

i have to say you have an interesting idea with this

Surn responds:

Thanks. Hopefully you will find it useful.

Could be better

Well at least when you expand it, it gets bigger. That is pretty nice anyways. However one of the few things I notice that would be simple, time saving and really neat to do here is redo the coding for the get it button. Instead of it going to the url, modify it and change "listen" in the url to "download" so they can get it directly. Not sure if you want to do that or not but I think that would be cool anyways, the way it is just fine anyways.

The background is really nice and classy. Upon seeing the title I expected to see the background moving a bit like lights going up or down for every song change that you do here. That would look nice here I think. The yellow in the back is nice as well I think.

The way it loads up every song seems to be about the only real cool thing here and the possible glitch you added? The glitch I speak of is if you add no number to the gray box, it goes to the elevator for a slight moment then skips to a screen of a man strapped down to something? Why is that there anyways? He just opens and closes his mouth, no use there either. Kind of just a bit creepy is all.

However I think you should modify the elevator a bit more too. You could add a genre box at the start and then the elevator could play all of those in numerical order going up or down, that would be neat to see here.

Overall, seems to be a cool little gadget but could use a bit of work and possibly noting of the creepy guy strapped down being noted so I know why he is there if no music plays.

Review Request Club

Surn responds:

"Change 'listen' to 'download'"
I've actually done that before in an earlier attempt at an audio player. The method to my madness here is that going to the "listen" page gets the user a better look at the artist. Still, that would make things more convenient.

"expected to see the background moving a bit like lights going up or down for every song change that you do here"
I don't get it...

"Screen of a man strapped down or something?"
That's an Easter egg for people who try to break the audio player, glad you like him.

"You could add a genre box at the start and then the elevator could play all of those in numerical order going up or down, that would be neat to see here."

I would certainly like to know how to read genres for the sake of filtering. Unfortunately, that would require a program to read the page source as that information is not embedded in the song. Not even NG radio does this. As for being able to change directions that would be possible, The challenge with that would be to enable it to know when to stop pulling blank URLs (say if someone enters the latest song and switches the direction to up). Still it would be possible.

"Overall, seems to be a cool little gadget but could use a bit of work "
Indeed, hopefully I will get stronger in my skill and make something to compete with NG radio

Thanks for reviewing.

Nice & Simple

I really like that this little widget was easy to understand, worked great, and had a nice-look overall design. I also really liked the random song/ link features :]; very nice!

Things to take a second look at
- I would have liked to see an option to categorize the random song search by genre (rather than just randomly going through the whole pile)
- I also wish you could get more info on the song that you're streaming, while you listen :p

Overall I think this is a great idea, but needs a little bit more :p

-Review Request Club-

Surn responds:

"random song search by genre (rather than just randomly going through the whole pile)"

That would be possible, since the songs are picked from a predetermined list of 20 (so it doesn't search, per say). If I had a lot more it might be worth it.

"I also wish you could get more info on the song that you're streaming, while you listen :p"

While it is possible to retrieve song information, it only works with desktop applications. The only other way would be to read the site itself. Not even NG radio does this.

Glad you liked it, thanks for reviewing.

Basic player

There are a few "Jukeboxes" in the flash portal already, so the idea is not too new, but I still like messing around with those jukeboxes.

Yours doesn't have a lot of interactivity, only the basic functions of playing a song, playing a random song and playing "next" previous" songs. But really, what else could you do with a program like this. Maybe searching for song titles, but such a feature would be very hard to implement. As far as I know not even Newgrounds offers such a feature.
Another idea would be: only browsing songs of a specific genre. But this could be very hard to implement as well.

Anyway, I like the "get it" button a lot. It brings me straight to the submission I'm listening to right now, so that's a pretty cool thing.
I also like that the "previous" and "next" buttons skip those song-ids that don't exist (ie where the song has been deleted).

Overall, it's a very basic music player and a very basic submission. But it's fun to play around with it.

{ Review Request Club }

Surn responds:

"There are a few "Jukeboxes" in the flash portal already"
I've been having trouble finding them. I know there's NG radio and NG desktop radio. Could you possibly send me a PM telling me where to find them?

"Song Titles ... Genre"
That would be very hard indeed. It would require the player to actually read the website.

Glad you enjoyed the device, Thanks for reviewing.

Kinda like an Audio player

OK so how do i start off this review as these types of submissions tend to have me stumped, but they are still unique in there own way, they bring some nifty elements to the table, and theres alot to visualize among other things, so in general its a decent entry, it was alright in my eyes, There are things i wouldnt mind seeing changed for the better though. So some things that i really liked with this, It was "SIMPLE" and not complicated as some may tend to be with these audio player types, So i would have liked more "INTER-ACTIVITY" since its a game more interactivity by the user would be more enjoyble sine it is labled as a game and what not, just a thought though. The music portion of this is pretty neat like all audio players are and i do like that you have put some effort into it, wouldnt mind seeing it have even more effort so its not just like a media player but more of something differant aswell. The fact that this does promote other artists is another nice option, The layout and design of this was actually notbad, aswell as the graphics allthough could use more depth to them, But anyways other then things that have already been said i did think this was a unique flash entry, there are some improvments that can be made, but thats for later, But i got some fun and joy out of this and it was nifty messing with it, so overall a decent flash game here, but in the end could still use more.

And well as we come to the end of the entire review this is where i suggest a few ideas and tips and some slight advice, all the fun stuff, but I must say with these types it can be hard, but there were a few things that are mentioned throught the review and here aswell, this one seemed to not need too much but here is what i thought, anyways good luck, More inter-activity on this can be added so that the user has more stuff to do, there was not much of interactivity, there was some but more added would make it fun and more envolved by the user, Maybe more depth to the layout aswell would be nice just something to think about.

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Credits & Info

2.91 / 5.00

Nov 8, 2011
8:01 AM EST
Gadgets - Musical