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*Work In Progress* So this is just a little piece of a game I'm currently working on. Before you ask, the Preloader absolutely refuses to work - I've even tried merging the code with my game's code, but I think Flash HAS to load all the game assets even before the first frame is loaded. UPDATE - fixed it.

ANYWAYS... Like I said, a Work In Progress. I know, I know, the menu has absolutely nothing to do with the game :P but it makes sense for the rest of the game - which is not included. You can basically play a survival type game of Asteroids. I played around with what I can do with Actionscript - the motion blur isn't perfect, but it works well enough. And the particles makes the game, IMO.

Also, those lines in the main menu was fun. Not. :P The music playing is End Of Line from the Tron Soundtrack.

But yeah, just thought I'd share. Enjoy!

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Polished, but shallow gameplay.

I think you put too much polish on too early.

Other than that, I think you're doing great, keep up the good work.

PS: I dislike that the smaller asteroids are also harder to see.

atomBomb404 responds:

You see, the polish is a result of me being bored. This is more of sideline project, and each time I have an idea, I try it out here. But, adding in the rest of the game is too much work right now :P

Thanks, I'll look into making the smaller ones more visible.


It was pretty fun actually, never was good at asteroids thought :P


Cool game man,keep that way.

Looks promising.

I can see this becoming a full game. It's like a nice little Asteroids clone with updated graphics. Hope to see a full version eventually.

Obviously needs tweaks, but It is a WIP. I love the main menu and Daft Punk, but I would find original/portal music to truly get a complete feel.


atomBomb404 responds:

Hey thanks for the feedback. Yeah, a lot of tweaks. I haven't worked on this for months, and just randomly decided to update the visuals today. And Daft Punk was on my play list :P The actual game I'm planning is a sidescrolling action game, with space missions in between. But it's still far off

Btw - the main menu was blood and tears. Those lines. Holy crap. Great to see it paid off