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GH: Halloween Edition

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Author Comments

A late Halloween idea. I still think its a good enough submission without it being the season for it. Our Girl capturing heroe finds their town under a dark spell and the villagers and captures have become creatures of the night. The heroe must go forth and battle them to restore the victims. At its root its a rock/paper/scissor game so some the game comes down to luck, however there is also mini games to switch it up a bit.

Obviously this was meant to be a Halloween submission. It started as a small simple idea but it kept growing itself. Due to program delays and laziness I didn't finish in time for Halloween. Once I realized it was too late I decided to put more detail into it. this was going to be the first submission where I introduce the female guide that aides you in your mission but couldn't get an artist to finish her portrait yet. I hope you enjoy it, and appreciate the details I put into it, large and minor ones.

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It was a pretty good game. Easy to understand but still able to mix up the old rock-paper-scissors mechanics. Perhaps you should include this system in an event or 2 if you ever complete the fire/water versions of GH?

But that's besides the point. That Season of Sakura song at the end won my heart. That game's a part of my childhood

Pretty good

This definitely has some potential, and I am looking forward to see the Adult version of it. Only thing that I can think of improving on is that some of the enemy's attack animations were a little long, but other than that, I think you have done a great job. I can't wait until you get your next submission done, as I have really enjoyed your other Girl Hunter games.

It was Alright

You should work on the battle just a bit more and maybe you could add it to Fire and water but over all it was nice also the 120 smash is a bit much my arm is cramping and i can only get to like 109/117 but with the time you did have to make this it was good over all

KronosynVision responds:

What would you most like to see changed in the combat? To easy? I know it,mostly comes down to luck due to its nature. But I had some changes in mind. Thought of lowering Cast cooldown to 1 turn. Im going to see if I cann set it up so enemy wont use same attack type twice in a row. And lastly make certain enemies more likely to use a certain attack type. Let me know what you think of these ideas and any other feedback if you can. Thanx for review

Liked it but seemed uneven.

The combat system is simple but amusing; nice to see some variety in the form of the varying cool down periods of each option. The only thing that tweaked me a bit, was the enemy did not have the same restrictions. While this added a little more challenge to the game was frustrating when enemy can cast 3 times in a row while player can only cast once every 3rd turn. It took trying to predict the opponent out of the equation and made it more luck than thought.