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Danger Dungeon

rated 3.78 / 5 stars
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Adventure - RPG

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Nov 6, 2011 | 8:37 PM EST

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Author Comments

Epic thanks to all voters for the daily 3rd place!

It took a long time to find a sponsor, but finally I can release Danger Dungeon here. I hope you like it!

What happens when a group of modern kids finds an old 'abandoned' Dungeon?
Start your adventure in Danger Dungeon by customising your character choice.
Prepare yourself for battle against many enemies.
Collect weapons, armor, amulets and potions as you explore.
Customize your skill set with new attacks.
Customize your abilities to suit your play style.
Can you find and defeat the Necromaster at the heart of the Dungeon?
There's a huge world to explore!
And the whole gang to be rescued!

A huge Dungeon explorer, with many different creatures, weapons, treasures and bosses to discover!
- 3 weapon styles (sword, axe, mace)
- 9 types of each weapon style
- 2 styles of armor (chainmail and plate)
- 7 types of each armor style
- 8 dungeon levels, four pre-designed and four random
- 7 enemy styles
- 5 types of each enemy style
- 5 bosses with unique abilities
- amulets, potions, gold and jewels to collect
- 4 skill types, upgradeable 4 times each
- full inventory control for your whole party
- huge live action melee battles
- play as a male or female hero
- name your character and customise him/her as you level up
- 8 character statistics define your hero
- 4 fighting abilities can be learned, and improved up to 4 times each
- auto-save after every level, pick where you want to restart... replay your favourite levels

Travel deep into "Danger Dungeon" to uncover the secrets hidden below!
Slay monsters and Bosses to escape with the treasure, and your lives!



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

it was good but...

i feel like you shouldn't just lose your companions if they fall, maybe some kind of delayed recovery system? not like using phoenix downs or anything thats just retarded but maybe have to wait like a minute for them to regain consciousness or something along the lines. overall well done, controls were a little odd for me though

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FightClub69 responds:

Yep getting a lot of comments about wanting a revive. I think people are getting really attached to their team-mates so it's upsetting when they give up. Unfortunately too late for this game, but I'll definitely include it in the sequel.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

pretty awesome game

it's really complete and solid. I wish there was a way to revive your teammates after they die is the only thing. That and heal potions were a bit scarce for me - I had like 30+ of all the others but not too many of heal - plus the boss battles made me burn though the heals fast.

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FightClub69 responds:

See above for comment about revive. I think you got very unlucky with the heal potions, all potions are random but there's twice the chance of a heal/regen than a speed/rage potion. If you search the scenery you may get lucky and find some more useful potions on the way.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Seriously.... dont you piss off ArmorGames with this Logo?

The Game itself was cool

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FightClub69 responds:

Glad you liked the game. My company is Insane Hero, Erst Games was the sponsor of this game but was not involved in the design or production.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I rather enjoyed the game

The level of customization and art was very good, and as far as I can tell everything works. However, whenever you do something, you get this barrage of text popping up in the middle of the screen. I could not continue to play because of this. People can play this game without that. Is there anyway of turning that off?

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FightClub69 responds:

The popup text is only the most important instructions (apart from a tiny bit at the beginning) and it drops off to 2 or 3 messages by level 2 and then is extremely rare (maybe 1 per level) afterwards.
I tried a few different approaches to tutorial instructions but they either scared players away (popup dialogs with detailed instructions) or didn't get read (a little window that slides in from the side with a brief message on it) by the testers. This (fairly ugly) solution was the best compromise I could think of!
Honestly, stick with it through level 2 and you'll hardly see those messages for the rest of the game!


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Very cool game, lots of fun!

Good work, the game plays well and runs butter smooth on my kit. :)

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