Danger Dungeon

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Epic thanks to all voters for the daily 3rd place!

It took a long time to find a sponsor, but finally I can release Danger Dungeon here. I hope you like it!

What happens when a group of modern kids finds an old 'abandoned' Dungeon?
Start your adventure in Danger Dungeon by customising your character choice.
Prepare yourself for battle against many enemies.
Collect weapons, armor, amulets and potions as you explore.
Customize your skill set with new attacks.
Customize your abilities to suit your play style.
Can you find and defeat the Necromaster at the heart of the Dungeon?
There's a huge world to explore!
And the whole gang to be rescued!

A huge Dungeon explorer, with many different creatures, weapons, treasures and bosses to discover!
- 3 weapon styles (sword, axe, mace)
- 9 types of each weapon style
- 2 styles of armor (chainmail and plate)
- 7 types of each armor style
- 8 dungeon levels, four pre-designed and four random
- 7 enemy styles
- 5 types of each enemy style
- 5 bosses with unique abilities
- amulets, potions, gold and jewels to collect
- 4 skill types, upgradeable 4 times each
- full inventory control for your whole party
- huge live action melee battles
- play as a male or female hero
- name your character and customise him/her as you level up
- 8 character statistics define your hero
- 4 fighting abilities can be learned, and improved up to 4 times each
- auto-save after every level, pick where you want to restart... replay your favourite levels

Travel deep into "Danger Dungeon" to uncover the secrets hidden below!
Slay monsters and Bosses to escape with the treasure, and your lives!


I would like just a LITTLE more control

I love any dungeon crawler, just would've liked more intimate control over my characters.

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What is the point of gold?

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FightClub69 responds:

It determines your score. Plus you get an upgrade point for every $2500 you save.

Addicting but with plenty of space for improvement

For a good old classical dungeon RPG, it is pretty good, the gameplay is addicting, it runs very smooth, progresses fast enough and is all in all your classic fun, especially with sorting and dividing the inventory among allies.

The art style is quite cool being all realistic-like ( I don't know if there's a 'name' for that style, heh), although a bit more differences between characters would be nice, being all the same, it feels more like an army and not a bunch of kids in trouble. :P

However it has so many tiny flaws that it kind of brings the whole experience down a level or two. Of course, it is far from being bad, but it needs to be worked on.

For starters, the leveling system is somewhat confusing. Apparently characters level up one by one, yet, I can only add points for one of my characters, which is kind of too limited. I wish I could customize every character, and make one better n magic and other one with sword and such.

Then, sadly, and this (at least for me) plays a big part, there is no music! Every once in a while there is, but it is not like special or memorable, and finishes quickly. I suggest you work on that in a sequel I saw you were mentioning.

Also, for some reason I have trouble picking up the stuff monsters drop for some reason, sometimes. I don't know if it is me, but it bugs me.

And for the end, I wished to see more of the story development! Good story makes the game at least 30% better!

But, there, aside from those minor flaws, my personal negative points of the game and maybe a few other even smaller ones, the game is pretty good, and I would love to see the sequel. :)

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FightClub69 responds:

Thanks for the detailed comments Klabautermann! The art style is called pre-rendered 3D and the reason the characters look the same (until you start getting different armor and weapons on them all) is file size. There's no theme tune for the same reason. For a sequel I'll probably use a smaller group and a few less monster types - then it'll fit more easily under the 10MB limit that many portals impose.

The other characters assign their own ability points as they level but they don't get skills. I wanted the group to feel like other people making their own choices (as much as possible) rather than leave the player micromanaging every detail.

You won't automatically pick stuff up if your group is in a fight - I did this to avoid the 'take or leave' popup from getting in the way during big brawls. You can choose to click on things and it'll pick them up as usual even if you are fighting.

More story would certainly be great, I left it a bit open ended because I hope to make a sequel in a few months time which will try to address the major problems with this first Danger Dungeon game.

This is much better than i expected

I absolutely love this game. I felt myself getting so attached to my friends trying to keep all of them alive... until they started opening doors. There have been a few times so far I almost died because one of my friends said "I CAN OPEN DOORS!" and opens a door and runs inside just to be chased out by a horde of monsters.

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FightClub69 responds:

Thanks for the review! Tip: your friends will only unlock a door if they are the person who collected the key for it. If you grab all the keys, they won't ever do that. (An early version of the game kept track of the keys and only the person who had it could unlock a door - but it got too complicated so I got rid of that code, this must be a side-effect that was left over).

Really Fun

Definitely fun, solid gameplay. Only thing is that you've got the zaniness knob set at 6 when it should be at 11. Wacky behaviors from monsters and companions, different types of companions (punk rocker that's scared of skeletons, valley girl with bloodlust that just runs around attacking monsters, etc.) to go along with the pretty funny text could definitely help. But everything here is really solid, and it has some character too, just saying you could dial it up a bit.

FightClub69 responds:

Thanks for your comments! I understand your viewpoint, but I've also had a bunch of comments saying it's already TOO zany. Treading the middle ground is a tricky business!

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3.78 / 5.00

Nov 6, 2011
8:37 PM EST
Adventure - RPG