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In 2047 after the great invasion of turtles, the world isin peril. A small town received a supply of porn and food. This is the story of a survivor fighting off a robber trying to take said supplies.

Author Notes:

This isn't a big project. I want to get back to animating so I did this little flash to resharpen my animation skills. I made/drew everything except for the NG loader, NG tank, AK shooting sound, the glock shooting sound, and the song that plays.

I made the reload sound myself with my Taurus PT111 Pro

Leave a review. I read all of them and respond to the ones that are worthwhile.


not bad :]

I really enjoyed this flash, and I would definitely consider this a good practice run :]

The story was okay, and the setting seemed to fit the story very well. I liked your choice in music/ sound effects, and the timing was wonderful in these aspects... some things do seem to be missing here though...

I really would have liked to see some camera work done here; The camera angles didn't really change at all in this flash, and after the first five seconds of side-view I really expected more. I also would have liked to hear a little bit of voice acting, rather than none at all.

Overall, Great effort! :D

-Review Request Club-

Phantox responds:

I was actually thinking of making a few seconds of first-person action but I didn't want to work on another background.

Thanks for your review :)

Nice practice

The flash is pretty short, but you state in the comments you did this to practice your animation skills. I think the animations are done decent here. They are not too fluent (it looks a bit strange when the attacker charges towards the porn packet) but they aren't too stiff either.

The background story is quite silly. I mean, turtles taking over the world? Squirrles, yes. They are dangerous. But turtles? Come on! ;)

Anyway, the flash is very short. I think some more attackers together with some sort of dialogue would have been good here.

I liked the background image a lot. It looks very realistic and gives us something to look at. Much better than a plain grey background.

{ Review Request Club }

Phantox responds:

The story was a last minute thing when I decided to put when I added FRAGILE PORN and MREs to the boxes so they wouldn't be so plain. Turtles were the first reptiles that came to my mind.

I should have added dialogue, now that you mention it.

The background image took me quite a while to complete. It's good that people are noticing it.

Also, what's strange about the attacker? Is it because he moves to fast??

Thanks for your review


I watched this animation, and I was ready for the person to move on and possibly kill some more people when it just said replay. I was literally like "That's IT?" at that point of time. That's when I saw the author comments, this was a test to practice your animation skills. Ohh.

The art: The people aren't very well drawn, but the background sure is. I like the 3D effect you gave for some parts of the house, along with other minor-ish details such as the station wagon behind the bush and the car in the garage. Overall it would've been good, but the bad character art brought the quality down.

The animation: So this is a test of your animation, so let's look at that, shall we? Okay, the first thing I notice right off the bat is that the animation's smooth and not chunky or blocky at all; good job on that. The spawning of the bullets and their "mini-explosion" against the MREs are also pulled off very well. So far, so good.

The sound: The sound effects are okay, I mean, you said that all gun sounds sound equal, so I won't bother with that, but there's a slight problem with the music: it would normally build up suspense but in this case, coupled with the animation, there's just....not enough suspense, and the music just tends to continue even when the animation's finished. Not. Good.

The storyline: Very, very short. At first I thought it was going to be a full-length movie, but then when I watched it and looked at the file size, I was rather disappointed.

All in all, okay if you're animating after a long hiatus, but otherwise not very good if you're aiming for quality, no.

~~ Summary~~

~~ Good points ~~
1) Nice background art
2) Good sound effects
3) Smooth animation

~~ Bad points ~~
1) Music still continues even when flash finishes
2) Very short

[Review Request Club]

Phantox responds:

I think I spent a whole week drawing that background (not including the time it took to restart from my last save when flash crashed)

I don't know how to make the characters better, though so I just leave it the way it is.

Thanks for your review

Not too bad, short

Well I was expecting a bit more from this but kind of sad that it is really short as it is. If you have a tablet I would just practice drawing so that it looks a bit better too. If not then I guess practice with what you have, although if it is on a laptop I guess drawing with the touchpad is rather difficult right? Not too bad though, I just hoped it would be a bit longer.

The audio of choice was nice and I noticed when I hit replay that there is really no sounds clashing since once the flash was nearly done the song had nearly finished and then it loops again which is nice and clean. The gun shot sounds were nice too. Not too sure why the boxes had words on them or anything either.

The animation was mediocre at best. I would just try to spend a bit more time drawing is all. The only real animation error I even took notice too was the car in the upper left. I think the gray cement and black pavement could have at least blended a bit more smoothly anyways. The light was nice and I like how it stays transparent too. The nice sky is also nice.

Overall, not too bad at all. I would just suggest drawing a bit, you seem to do just fine on everything else though. Not too bad for a little project to help you get you off your hiatus.

Review Request Club

Phantox responds:

It was just a short animation so I can resharpen my animation skills. I'm also using a mouse+keyboard. I like this drawing style, though. My friends always tell me it looks like south park.

The song actually does clash if the replay button is pressed too quickly. Thanks for reminding me because I forgot to put the stop sounds actionscript on the replay button. Anyways, I always try to have the best quality audio for my submissions.

I don't understand what you mean with the cement blending in though. Do you mean make it darker under the car?

Thanks for your review. I'll see about making the characters have more details

A stepping stone

You're not going to come away from an hiatus and be able to make things like Mastermind or Larry and the Gnomes straight off the bat. If you are, you've been wasting your talent!

Okay, so the drawing standards leave a lot to be desired and with the way that the piece looks by the end of the animation, you're not really filling me with confidence, but give it time and effort to change the way that things turn out.

It was short, clunky and the guns both sounded the same - a revolver does not have the same ring to it as an AK-47. Advanced users will be firing 3 round bursts with the AK, while basic users will fire entire magazines in one burst, filling the sky (and not much else) with hot lead.

The headshot was gruesome, yet uncalled for - the bang, coupled with half of the head just disappearing wasn't to bad, though debris and ichor would have been nice to add effect, as would the burst fire.

Plot and voices were irrelevant here and I'd like to see more from you, because while this piece is getting rid of the rust, there will be other pieces that you make, which are certainly a step, if not a leap forward from where you are here.

[Review Request Club]

Phantox responds:

Firearms have the same sound when they shoot. It's not the gun that shoots the bullet, it's the gunpowder and all gunpowder is made the same.

Also, semi auto is the way that most professional shooters fire. I have an arsenal big enough to know this.

Thanks for your review

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Nov 6, 2011
8:12 PM EST