Bullet Maze

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Bullet Maze is a unique combination of bullet hell shooter and mouse maze. Navigate your way through hundreds of bullets at once in over 50 levels.

Controls - Mouse to move, left click to change color.

Progress is saved every time you beat a level, feel free to come back later if you get stuck or need a break.



It's seriosly hard. Like, seriously, seriously hard. But not frustrating or annoying. It challenges your brain a ton, which I like.
I don't think it could pass as a masocore game, but the satisfaction you get from beating some of these levels sure reminds me of one.
Half of these levels will have you saying they're impossible, only to emerge victorious a couple dozen tries later, if you're patient and skilled enough, that is
My only complain is the bit of lag. It's completely tolerable, but it still takes away from the overall experience
All in all, it's awesome
I'm stuck on level 23 right now. I've come soooooooo close, haha!

Ahhh my brain!

Yeesh this thing is brain challenging. Fun though. Great concept and game play. I was going to give it a 9 however because the lag between ball and cursor is annoying, but I made it work for me. Great job. Oh, and @Supersonic50, for puzzle 19, try this method. On the white lines go back, and forward through the red. That is how I did it, white back, red forward. Give it a shot. =)

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What are you on dude? Seriously. This is in no way, shape or form even CLOSE to the hardest game ever. It's actually quite easy... This game has 2 clicks, the same basis for every level and this is the hardest game ever? Not sure about that one..

Now, on to my review of the game. I actually really enjoyed this game. The simplicity of it is what kept my attention. It was all clear to me what I was supposed to do, I just needed to figure out how to time it. It kept a good balance of easy and hard. Easy concept, difficult to time changing colors and/or moving through barely any space to change the color. First 30 levels were a calk walk.. but at about 40 I started taking a couple mins on each one. I feel like you did a great job on this game, and I hope to see a sequel.

This humiliates...

This humiliates the players that call themselves hardcore gamers, it also humiliates the game and name World's Hardest Game 1 and 2. If those games (World's Hardest Game 1 and 2) are righteously called that, then this should, in accordance to that name, be called Unreal Crazy Impossibilities. And I'm only on level 32 :P. Well i love games where i have to try at least 20 times on the hard levels make bullet maze 2, and keep up the awesome music, and, if possible, make it harder, make people's heads blow and piss people off by how hard it will be. But try to make your next a bit funner also, some had a repeated concept, i don't know the exact reason as to why im taking a point off, it just misses that spot where you completely go "OOOOOHH YEAH!!!" well nice job dude

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Skill games like this drives my crazy but I cant stop playing them.

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Nov 6, 2011
7:54 PM EST
Skill - Avoid
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