Bullet Maze

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Bullet Maze is a unique combination of bullet hell shooter and mouse maze. Navigate your way through hundreds of bullets at once in over 50 levels.

Controls - Mouse to move, left click to change color.

Progress is saved every time you beat a level, feel free to come back later if you get stuck or need a break.


This would have blown my mind....

..like 5 years ago. Today is seems mediocre at best.


Quality game all around. Music can get annoying but that's what the options are for. the cursor custimization was a pretty cool idea, and there is no lag between moving hte mosue and the ball moving. I probably give away 5/5 too easily but this game DEFINITELY deserves it.

Good game

Would be flawless if it weren't by the bad sound work and the bad backgrounds overall

But still, a very addictive, intelligent and with this "touhou-based" style that is awesome.

A good game, works the brain.

My issues with this game are the speed of the ball and your cursor. It's hard to tell where my cursor is because I'm staring at the stupid ball moving slowly into death's grip. It took a LOT of getting used to in order to work with the speed than against it. Of course, if it moved at speed with my cursor, it wouldn't be such a difficult game.

My other issue is the background for some levels. One of the 40-ish levels has a black and red checkerboard color... well the bullets are white and red. A bit hard keeping track when the red bullets basically blend in with the background! Would have made more sense to make red and blue bullets with non-red and non-blue backgrounds. Same with cursor color and background - hard to tell where the orb will go when it starts when I have to look around for my cursor first.

Also to note, the game kind of chugged when there were tons of bullets. Wasn't that much of a problem, since the orb moves slow enough anyway.

I found that the easiest way to navigate the bullets is to focus on one color than both. For instance, keep the orb red as much as possible, and only pay attention to the white bullets and change back and forth. Besides that, there's a pattern to the harder criss-cross patterns that took most of my time. Just watch the bullets and the waving action for a while before plunging into it.

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A good game

Maybe a little TOO hard too early, kinda made me want to stop playing quite early on, but after playing through I am a fan.
Make it a bit prettier and you have a winner

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3.90 / 5.00

Nov 6, 2011
7:54 PM EST
Skill - Avoid
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