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A game about gift, debt, egalitarian and hierarchical societal modes.
Inspired by an Intro to Cultural Anthropology class.
It's pretty brief. Just play around a little :)

Controls: Arrow keys, WASD, ESC (to return to menu), M (to toggle sound on/off)

PS: Apologies if this is pretentious as shit! Still finding my voice with games, and this is an older one of mine as well. Just uploading some old things to Newgrounds.



I'm surprised people aren't getting this. It's the system that we live in everyday. Power is only possible by concentration. IE: power must be taken from the majority and concentrated on the individual in order to capitalize on one's neighbor. It's basically a game that highlights exactly what the Occupy Movement is protesting.
The communistic counter dynamic to the set-up would be a game where you try to balance power evenly across the grid.

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This was fun for a good seven or eight minutes. Then it got kind of boring. It would be interesting if you upped the pace... if the numbers everyone had started getting bigger and bigger and it was harder to keep things balanced.

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I have no idea whats going on and I consider myself not completely retarted. A little more explanation might help. I'm guessing this is a good game?

Confusing Game

Had a hard time with the instructions, but I figured it out myself. Next time make instructions easier to understand. Background was strange but nice. Will have to check out more of your work. I do understand this is one of your older things.

what the...

this "game" is to confusing and practically impossible for me to understand. as for your instructions: use english! :(]

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2.59 / 5.00

Nov 6, 2011
2:18 PM EST
Strategy - Other