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YOU ARE THE PHEADOFILE! you play as the pheadofile in this new game by disturbed productions (me).

took afew weeks to finish, i am aware that there are some bugs and technical and graphical flaws sometimes but give it a shot see what you think of this short game.

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First you don't know how to spell, plus the animation is wrong, coding sucks, and this is in no way close to be entertaining. Animating is not the thing for you if you don't have the skill for it first. This looks like the work of a 9 years old.

work on your drawing, coding. The only thing that is original here is that it's a game subject I've never seen before but shown in the worst possible way possible with lack of talent

You seriously lack everything here and need to work on something else :\

karazy-j responds:

well the animation was supposed to be simple, i admit i did'nt spend long on it all together it took a few days, and why is everyone so pissed because i spelt pedofile wrong? i don't see the big deal, i dont see how this is the work of a nine year old because nine year olds can't code or animate. Im working on something new which im completly pollishing over and over, i have'nt finished the intro. Before you say someone can't spell make sure you can, ''...of a 9 years old'' last time i checked the sentence was splet ''...of a 9 YEAR old''

Not bad

After you jump you go much slower than before you jump. Not sure if this is supposed to happen, but it makes it very hard to outrun the police officer going as slow as you do after you jump.

karazy-j responds:

yeah the coding went a little retarded around that part, ill sort it out by my next platformer but for now im working on a new shooter, hopefully you can check it ot when its done

bad game

Wow, probably the worst misspelling of "pedophile" I have ever seen in my life.
As for the game, it's not good. The cop moves way too fast, and you basically have to jump before he appears on screen if you want to make it over him.
Also, there is only music when the cop catches you, and I personally found the music annoying, even for the second it took me to click restart. Honestly, for such a short game, you should have added a lot more polish.

Some colour would have been nice, as well as the pedophile and the cop looking more different, because they basically look exactly the same.

And it's not fun playing as the pedophile, and this game has been done before, except you are a forty year old Justin Bieber who steals kids to regain his youth. That game was much, much better.

karazy-j responds:

whatever dude, have you ever even tried animating? its much harder than you think