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You can setup limited number of celluar network base stations. Obstacles are muffle signal, and you must choose stations optimal positions to cover maximum area.
It better, if you covers 100% of area, but if you're lazy, you can continue game with 97% covered, and return to level next time :)
There are 40 levels, first 5 is introductory, to understand game mechanics, last 3 is most harder. Good luck!


Good idea

Good idea. Be nice to have a reward for putting the extra effort in to get 100% for each level, or completing the level with an antenna spare.
There are too many levels, and they are too easy. I'd want less levels in total, more like the last one and a few harder than that. It just semmed like a slog clicking through ~30 levels with little throught, the last one activated the grey matter but still can be done with an antenna to spare.


That's it? It is, oh dang I can't think after playing this. I got 100% in 17 minutes. Really good for the brain! :D

great game

was a litle easy though but thats not somehting i usually complain about!


But very short-live. The difficulty did provide some hardships as the levels progressed, but they were just very slight changes per level. I managed to get pass each level within a 3-6 second time frame with the exception of the last which lasted around 28 seconds.
The potential is there, and it seems like much more can come of it. I definitely liked it for its simplicity. It was face paced, a quick time killer, and very peacful. Keep up the good work, hopefully you will enhance this game or come up with a sequel that will be just as great if not better, hoping for the latter. Cheers.

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very good

it got repetive after a while of playing.

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3.94 / 5.00

Nov 5, 2011
11:51 PM EDT
Puzzles - Other