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You can setup limited number of celluar network base stations. Obstacles are muffle signal, and you must choose stations optimal positions to cover maximum area.
It better, if you covers 100% of area, but if you're lazy, you can continue game with 97% covered, and return to level next time :)
There are 40 levels, first 5 is introductory, to understand game mechanics, last 3 is most harder. Good luck!


Above Average, But Not Great

The first thing to hit the player upon loading this game up is the graphics. The graphics are simplistic and appear hand-drawn, which adds a unique sense of charm to the game, particularly in conjunction with the colors the stations give off. However it can be very difficult to find dead zones when you have 99% complete, perhaps some method of indicating where dead zones are would be helpful.
The second thing to hit the player is the music, and boy is it good. The music is perfect and beautiful; atmospheric yet engaging, and never a detriment to the game.
Gameplay is the third aspect the player encounters, and unfortunately it is the weakest. While the concept is interesting and for the most part fun, the lack of diversity or difficulty until the end is an issue, even when perfectly clearing every stage as I did. Furthermore, as I mentioned earlier, it can be very difficult to find dead zones when there is very little dead zone left, and this issue is made worse by the fact that the placement of the stations feel a little imprecise; I rarely felt that the stations appeared exactly where I had clicked. While these issues by no means ruin the game, they make what is already a rather average experience slightly worse.
Make no mistake, I enjoyed this game and would recommend it to others, but I recommend it more for its atmosphere than for its gameplay. I look forward to a better developed sequel, as there is definite promise in this game, it simply does not fulfill it.

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I am better than anyone else alive

because I got 100% on this game...it means I have no life trying to get 100% on games like this...

yup, it`s too short and too easy

it started as fast as it ended up, ofcourse not all 100% but hey, why i need that !?

:( NOT WAR!?

when i saw ''sota'' i thought it ment war coz sota is war in finnish

too short, too easy, nice idea

when I finished the first 20 lvl I expected over 100 puzzels. The difficulty rises too slow.

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3.94 / 5.00

Nov 5, 2011
11:51 PM EDT
Puzzles - Other