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Nothing too special here. Just thought I'd upload this short little adventure game I quickly knocked up earlier this year to test out an adventure game interpreter (AAGi v2) I've been developing. Please note this is NOT a demo! It is a full game in it's own right, it's just very short. I don't expect it to scoop up any awards. Am just sharing it with the world, that's all.

This short chapter was written as a quick prequel to "A New Threat" which is a longer and much more engaging, more complex adventure game. You can find more details of that on www.anaksha.com

For now have fun with it and see if you can discover all 3 random paths.

By the way, if you want to put it up on your website, then feel free to do so. :)

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So well made!

I really, really like this game. You did a great job, ArifRocks <3
There aren't enough games like this out there. I like that you can walk into stores and purchase things. Wonderful.

Tip: you only got 4$ so do not spend it careless or you will end up stuck and having to start the game all over again.

Part I
1)talk with burger cashier
2)go to minimart next door talk to cashier
3)She wants something to have fun with go get her a Mp3
a)Get headphones in payphone
b)Get mp3 from Tom guy eating at fat burgers
c)Buy battery from minimart cost 2$
d)Combine them all then talk to cashier she tells you to give it to Tracy in minimart
she loads music on it then give it to cashier now you can use bathroom.
4) Go to bathroom search sink and find a drill bit and soap.
5) Go outside then use drill bit in the right wall of the payphone read the letters there you will use them latter.
6)Save game then try to use payphone.
End of Part I
Part II
Note:Part II has 3 random paths each path will get you a different item to open the payphone receiver.
Path 1
1)Enter the minimart and talk to Tracy she wants a sweet drink. You need 2 items
a) Buy fruit juice from minimart
b) Go to burger restaurant and take a sugar sachet in the counter right next to the cashier.
c) Combine Juice and sugar sachet to make sweet drink then give it to Tracy she gives you a cigarette.
2)Talk to burger cashier give him cigarette and he will give you can opener
3)Use can opener to open the payphone receiver then continue on part III.
Path 2
1)Talk to Yannick the weird poet in the street.He wants raisin bread.
a) To get the bread talk to burger cashier
b) To get raisin buy them at the minimart
c) Combine them to make raisin bread and give it to Yannick he will give you sunglasses
2) Talk to Tom inside burger restaurant and he will ask for sunglasses give them to him then he will give you a guitar pick.
3)Use guitar pick to open the payphone receiver then continue on part III.
Path 3
1) Talk to Laura in burger restaurant she wants something to help her against her husband Tom farts at night
2) Talk to Tom he trying to fix his hellboy comic and he will give you glue.
3) Go to the mart and buy dental floss
4) Combine dental floss and glue to make Sticky Lasso
5) Go to burger restaurant bathroom and go to toilet and use sticky lasso to get a clothes peg.
6) Give clothes peg to laura and she will give you nails scissors
7)Use nails scissors to open the payphone receiver then continue on part III.
End of Part II
Part III
1) Use the code of the wall right at the payphone.
(Example is code is PGYB then the lights order inside the payphone receiver is purple,green,yellow,blue)
2)Now you need 50 cents go inside the minimart and talk to the cashier.You need to make her a forgiveness letter you will need pen and paper.
a) To get paper talk to Yannik the weird poet. He needs shaving items
1.Soap you got from mart bathroom
2. Razor you get from talking with Laura in burger restaurant.
3. After shave you buy from minimart it cost 10$ to get the money talk to Tom in Fat burgers and agree with him that parrots are smarter than cats he gives you 10$
(Secret item) Go to the minimart bathroom and get a rubber ball from the sink the same one you found drill and soap. Then talk to Laura in burger restaurant to trade ball for Monkey doll.
b) To get pen there are 2 ways its random maybe. You can get it from the drain that is outside between the minimart and fat burgers shops or you can get it from the counter top right next to the burger cashier.
3)Combine paper and pen and give it to minimart cashier to get 50 cents
4) Use 50 cents on payphone and complete the game.

It was pretty cool with the puzzles and it was VERY challenging.