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Decided to do a flash of one of my all favorite game characters Mega Man and his mishaps. This took about two weeks to make, because it was under a time schedule. So I had no real time to get what I really wanted out of this flash. Tried a different way of doing backgrounds on this then I did with my previous flashes. But the sucky part is that it slightly added more mbs to the flash. Also Eyesadrift, did the voicing for all the characters so big thank you to him! And found some sweet tunes on the audio portal that any Mega Man fan should check out. Anyhow, hope its not to confusing of a flash. Thank you Newgrounds and the people that watch and support these flashes. Enjoy


Artwork made me cringe :/

I had a tough time making it to the end of this. Poorly written piece of "wtf" material. The artwork was effortless and that of a toddler. About the only redeeming factor from this was the voice acting. That was the only thing I found somewhat enjoyable from this. Try harder, seriously.

Needs something...

I'm kinda speechless over here.
Reason might be because it seemed perfect, but then again it wasn't. I loved the face expressions and the try to make the flash just complete "Haha, WTF, that was just crazy" type of parody.

I liked the face expressions, the jokes were alright and the whole idea was very good. Lack of plot, well there are plenty of movies with no plot on NG, so I can't really understand why would someone bother to complain about it since it is a parody (looking at few earlier reviews)
It gave me a smile, but didn't really make me laugh. I think that the real issue was the voice acting, it was just bit too calm, needs more aggression, higher scream, I can't really describe it, but the voices were just bit too deep in some points like the part where the face freaks Megaman out.

Still, by overall it was very well done movie and definately deserves a good score.

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That is exactly what Capcom is doing to Megaman as we speak. So sad.

i cant help it i played Maga Man

Shit, I'm so old I played the first one. So I liked it. Yes I can rag on somethings here but whatever. I don't judge bast on how good something they made, by the fact someone else made something better. I look at the Individual and the work they presented. And the score is a reflection of that. I didn't give it a 10/10 because your not there yet, and I think you are intelligent enough person to already know that, but. If you really put two weeks in this and had shit on top of it. Well fuck. Give it time put out more of these and the and you'll get there real quick.



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*inhales* Ah, the nostalgia, good bit of humor..!

I admit, as an indulging gamer of First Person Shooters it gave me a funny throwback to the roots of my gaming childhood, Megaman 3 was a classic for me on the NES. I can sort of go "Heh.." to the jokes relating to Rush, because as the flash depicted, truly one of the most DYSFUNCTIONAL sidekicks to have ever been canine! Not to mention, that hot dog part reminds me of how very disappointing or useless new powers from bosses were or seemed. I see all the guys bashing and sure, it was random at many parts, but as one who really indulged in Megaman 3, as well as the semi-new age ones, Megaman X4 and X6, I found a good bit of humor here, maybe not a cake, but certainly no crumbs of humor, at least a few leftover slices of humor in this, plus the animation was fairly decent, or had its points of looking very good, sounds and voices clear, I believe this earns 10/10, or at the very least, an 8/10! job well done, especially with a rush of two weeks, I know time constraint is a real pain for even big scale artists like Egoraptor, Johnny Utah, etc.

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Nov 4, 2011
4:35 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody