Duty Hill

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Dont run to the hills 5 Points

Fought 100 soldiers

HeadShooter 5 Points

100 headshots

All the armory 10 Points

Got all weapons

Dont run to the hills II 10 Points

Fought 200 soldiers

Dont run to the hills III 25 Points

Fought 500 soldiers

HeadShot Pro 25 Points

300 headshots

HeadShot Master 50 Points

600 headshots. Because practice makes perfection.

The last standing 50 Points

Finished the game. Congratulations!

Author Comments

You are the last soldier in your last position to defend. Upgrade your weapons wisely, and buy 4 weapons with unique strengths.
Better scores are awarded for earlier kills. Better money prizes are awarded by accuracy bonuses.

Due to requests, the "r" key reloads the weapon too.
The game difficulty is more balanced. And a score bonus is given for a harder game.


It just needs a better sequel

More Weapons, Perks, Levels, and Hell, even backup support. I really liked it, but it was too short IMO. Nevertheless great job. =)

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Fun a few flaws but overall a fun game.
You can beat the game with only one weapon, but its fun to try the few other weapons out.

Upgrade the sniper all the way and pick em apart.

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Good game.

I am giving you 9-stars because: the people who give this game a low score for idiotic reasons, are not playing the game to its fullest! First off the LMG only has a horrible range IF YOU DON'T STOP FIRING. It's called firing in small bursts, the game even tells you to do that when you die. Second, of course when you get further into the game it is going to get harder.. It's not going to wait for you? Also, what diversity do you need besides colors? These are ARMY men, remember those little things you used to play with when you were younger? Yeah, those things. I do admit though, you could manage to make the game longer and more weapons. Maybe even better upgrades at the cost of making the game harder? Good game, people need to play more and maybe get a bit better at shooter games before they throw them off as a "horrible and stupid game".

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cool game. . .

it was fun, but a few things. . . grenades would have ben nice, along with some remote traps, also. maybe some different terrain, as if you were given no choice but to fall back or you had other areas to cover, that would have been cool. Other than that good job I put this in my favorates. . .

It was pretty okay.

Yeah, so this is obviously based around COD. That's nice and all. But eventually if you commit to a weapon there isn't anything interesting. I leveled the sniper max damage and penetration, taking out crowds of them with 3 rounds. They dropped like flies. It would also be nice to have an easier way to change the weapons, since I just stuck with the sniper for the most part, before I totally found out I could wipe them out rather easily, I had a hard time switching between my SAW, and my sniper when I was in "danger". I failed to hit the corresponding key in time and died several times. This was over all decent but it's not really anything I'd come back to. Though the art was nice, gameplay did mostly everything right, sounds weren't too bad besides the music which I muted a minute in. Nice choice on the mute too didn't mute the sounds. But yeah, great game I hope you keep working on stuff.

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Credits & Info

3.82 / 5.00

Nov 4, 2011
2:08 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Fixed