Duty Hill

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Dont run to the hills 5 Points

Fought 100 soldiers

HeadShooter 5 Points

100 headshots

All the armory 10 Points

Got all weapons

Dont run to the hills II 10 Points

Fought 200 soldiers

Dont run to the hills III 25 Points

Fought 500 soldiers

HeadShot Pro 25 Points

300 headshots

HeadShot Master 50 Points

600 headshots. Because practice makes perfection.

The last standing 50 Points

Finished the game. Congratulations!

Author Comments

You are the last soldier in your last position to defend. Upgrade your weapons wisely, and buy 4 weapons with unique strengths.
Better scores are awarded for earlier kills. Better money prizes are awarded by accuracy bonuses.

Due to requests, the "r" key reloads the weapon too.
The game difficulty is more balanced. And a score bonus is given for a harder game.


Sry, but this is boring.

Acutally the graphics were quite good, but the game itself is super boring. Every wave, from the beginning to the end, is the same, the soldiers just fire from different distances. Also every weapon besides the submachine gun is useless. I did the whole game with it and had no problems at all, which means that this game is much too easy. I wasn't even reloading. Just holding the left mouse button all the time. Sadly all the money in the game seems quite useless, because you might get tons of cash, but you can't buy anyhting with it.

A decent distraction

Yet not much to come back to. As others have said the pistol is about the only weapon needed to beat the game, and even with minimum upgrades is a far more effective weapon than the more expensive ones. In the end I even felt punished for using anything but the pistol, despite half of my upgrade points not being devoted to it.
The game could of also used more of a money sink. Perhaps trading the upgrade points to upgrade costs, making players choose between upgrading a weapon or buying new ones with what they've earned (it might also help to remove the pistols dominance somewhat). Grenades too would of been a nice thing to see implemented in the game.

Otherwise, it made for a nice 30-minute time waster, I just wish there was a little more to do with the cash earned.

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well. . .

if you just keep upgrading the pistol, it's a lot easier

P.S. nice game :-)

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I had fun playing it but I felt that it was too short and too easy. I got through without any trouble by only upgrading the starting pistol. By the end I felt like all of the rounds should have been like the final one of practically non stop enemies at once until the wave ends.

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This game.

Needs to get the difficulty increased. I bought a sub machine gun pumped to 3 star power then saved for a light machine gun, pumped that to 3 star power and proceeded to finish the game with ease. Also add different enemies like a car where u need to use an anti-vehicle gun or something.

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Credits & Info

3.82 / 5.00

Nov 4, 2011
2:08 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Fixed