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Spectrum: Art Program

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Author Comments

Scroll over the button on the bottom left for an in-depth explanation of the control scheme. Enjoy!

HINT: Use low visibility (about 10) to make really subtle lines and gradients.
HINT: Use colors that blend together to make uneven surfaces, such as cloth or a rock face.
HINT: Use lower speed for shorter lines, and higher speed for longer lines.

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the reason i gave this game 2.5 stars is because it seems unfinished i think that it is just another "paint" program honestly apart from otherr paint programs is the only thing that sets this it uses the idea of moving the mouse and then it draws thats the only thing. it is a good idea but it needs alot of work also way to much lag

Kwing responds:


Way to go, unfinished at the moment

Nice music, nice concept.
But the interface is very archaic, the speed and visibility buttons are two small and unpractical. It's a shame that the drawing resets when changing colors (or i misunderstood something).

And as said before, it lags hugely in no time. It's fun to draw something and wait 30 seconds without touching anything, that the drawing finishes, though, but not for a long time.

And it's very disturbing when you think you clicked on a high ranked game, to get a no-explanation-ever drawing tool.

Kwing responds:

I thought the buttons looked good at the size they were. As for erasing when changing colors, that's because backspace resets the drawing. So to change colors without erasing, highlight the whole number and type in your desired number, which will automatically replace the old one.

It does lag, because the data there stays there in the form of a vector rather than bitmap. I'll try and change this soon.

Also, I think it's kind of obnoxious to criticize this game as being 'overrated' when the score isn't something decided by the author. I mean, you can criticize the visitors of Newgrounds for voting how they do, but not me.


This was, surprisingly enough, quite soothing. I ended up just staring at the screen as I drew.

However, I do feel it's a bit too simple. The game doesn't really have much variation to it. Apart from the music, it's fairly the same throughout, apart from switching of colors or speed and such.

In the shape of the brush, I feel you could've added something. Another couple of variations of it. Spirals, stars, I don't know, but as is it's far too simple to reach high up on the scores.

Maybe make it easier for someone to pick colors. I don't know anything about HEX, so I just ended up inputing random numbers. Still looked awesome, byt all means, but maybe having a sort of diagram or something, or sliders instead.

Also noticed that when I set the speed to below 1, the cursor would shoot off screen and away from my cursor. Guess that's a bug?

Kwing responds:

You've really pointed out a lot about the game, which I appreciate. I would have liked to put in simple drawing features over what I already had, but I guess it slipped my mind. But as for stars or spirals, the second cursor only moves in relativity to your mouse. I'm not sure how you could control predefined shapes to tweak them to your liking. Of course, it's not too hard to draw these in yourself... Which is the point of a drawing program after all.

I also wanted to use a palate for selecting colors, but didn't know how to do it. Perhaps if I ever update this I'll add it in, but I'll admit the hex colors get confusing.

Nicely put together game!

I wasn't expecting much out of this, because I couldn't understand it. I tried clicking the stuff that talked about the music, but nothing seemed to work. What I also found to be really cool was how it was great when you finally got used to it. The music is also fantastic. It gives you a great sense of being off in your own mystical world. That might not have been the intended tone, but it turned out to be what I interpreted.

I like these lines you can create simply by pressing the space button. Now, it probably could have been more detailed, especially with how you didn't seem to have much space. I'm sure people who tinker with it will like it more. If you're a fan of art, then I recommend this game to you. Games that allow you to make your own things are always great.

Kwing responds:

Ericho, you never expect ANYTHING out of me, ya grumpy ol' hag.

And you might have pointed out that the game starts lagging after you draw enough. I could remove that issue by converting the vectors into Bitmaps, if I knew how. But I would expect a constructive critic to have noticed.

Actually very interesting

I wasn't sure what to expect with this submission but I was pleasantly surprised, I enjoyed messing around with it a little.

There really isn't a whole lot to mention in terms of art/sound/gameplay so this review is merely just a kudos to you.

Good job

Kwing responds:

Thanks! I'll admit that the program is very simple, so of course you can't say a whole lot about it.