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R.I.P Logan Whitehurst, who did this audio, which can be found on his last album, "Very Tiny Songs". Check it out on iTunes!

Despite some inital problems, I think I fixed my submission, so yeah. Also, this took me 4 days (but only 2 1/2 hours of ACTUAL work) to make. It was a little test to get myself back into animation after a year. Anyway, hope you enjoy! (I'm 14, by the way, so put that into perspective.)

Also, IGNORE the terrible title screen. I'll add a good one when I think of one, but this video doesn't allow for many "title screen" ideas that wouldn't come off as pretentious.

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Nicely animated, well voice acted...This is a great animation regardless of how long it took you or what your age is. Keep up the good work!

JordansFilms1 responds:

Thank you! Voice acting was not mine, but thanks for the compliment on the animation! I'm a grown boy now, at 19, but I haven't touched Flash in years. I' like to give it another go sometime. See if I can improve myself.

Actually sincerely, finally getting around to seeing this comment has spurred me into wanting to do more cartoonish-type stuff again! So thank you! Maybe I'll post another thing sometime.


JordansFilms1 responds:

oh okay

pretty good job :3

but GODDANGET i was in the middle of animating the ENTIRE album xD
dammit im too slow lol

JordansFilms1 responds:

Haha, s'alright. A couple hours after posting this I found that someone else already did this track, and the way the angles were, were close to mine. So, just keep going, and don't let this affect you! :)

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Nov 3, 2011
8:16 PM EDT
Comedy - Original