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The Nightmare Realm

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Point and Click Horror game

This is my first flash game. Sorry for the suck-age, sadly I won't be able to finish it due to the fact I no longer have the programs i used to make this on my computer any more as well as well I have been working on this for several months now and it's fair to say that now i'm out of school, i've lost interest. I had a lot of fun making thing, orginally it was a school project but I took it WAAAYYYY out of perportion. *grins like an idiot* Originally it was sub post to be a simple game with 5 different choices you can choose from and I really went on the over kill... really... I'm not joking. Anybody who was my multimedia class knows I'm the top animator and I would often more then I was ever asked off. I often had people watching me as I worked and some people even became scared of me after they seen some of the options i came up with. Mostly a lot of the time I was showing off ((personally I liked all the positive attention i was getting for once)) but all the attention really not only boosted my social rank and and got me more respect from people, but also it really game me motivation to become a better animator. Hopefully I can get flash back on my computer again.

Hours Worked On: lost count, but it's around the 200 hours..... I'm not joking.... I was working on this at lease 2 hours a day at school, and even more at home.

Sorry for the lack of sound in some area, i wasn't able to finish. And when you get to the end of the game it will take you back to start. In some areas there is a time limit so watch out and bad things can happen.

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Fuck this game. The story is basically non-existent. Everything feels like random bullshit. And that fucking code! As an idea, sure, it's decent, but it's extremely poorly executed. If you have to insert an audio clip explaining something about the game, it hasn't been done well. You could easily just have a scrap of paper or something with the code and it would have been better.

I love the art... very simple. but the game play is confusing.

Wow.............. Um, is it supposed to end at the waterfall? And also... Wtf?! What WAS that?! I'm so confused as to what is happening. I tabbed the shit out of the waterfall and "waterhorse" screens and nothing came up. #flashtrash

Alright, this has many problems. So many.
One, I don't ****ing care if there is a tip, make it easy for anyone to understand. Because I had to take my god damn time figuring out this was CHESS MOVES in the tip for the maze, you must realize, not everyone plays chess! Also, some of the arrows don't work! Ever! The entire maze is broken because the arrows won't work! Because of this, the game was impossible to beat. If you can't beat the game, this deserves NOTHING. NO STARS. The game is garbage! Just absolutely terrible! I recommend getting a few play testers for the game so you can fix these errors, and maybe, I'll give you 2 stars for effort and gameplay, but until then, this is WORTHLESS.

Also, if you don't give at least a hint, people will get stuck at places like the DOOR. At the COTTAGE. Let the arrows be permanent for the ability for people to get through the game!

littlekittysilver responds:

This old thing, I made this over 4 years ago and it was my first time ever making a game let alone programming. Course it was going to have a lot of bugs in it due to lax of experience. No one makes a triple A game on the first try. XD And I do admit, it's real bad, it's really bad. But for at the time when I made it, I was proud of it. Not only for all the time and effort i put into this, but also the fact it had the highest mark in my class and everybody at school was talking about it. Ya, it was fun experience for my age, and I had learned a lot while doing so.

If you could see the work I been producing these past three years, you be pretty amused by some the things I have done and how far I have grown as an artist and as an animator. Haven't attempted making another game, but I have revisited this game as part of a college project and spent several months reworking a lot of things that where wrong with the original such as plot, environment, inventory and character interaction. I do wish to at some point redo this game, but I'll need a lot more experience with coding and work experience before I'll try to.

Also i don't play chest ether, how i original mapped out the forest was it was a 4 by 4 or 5 by 5 grid. It was more like a Battle ship grid then chest.

The game was way too confusing,After wandering around like an idiot for maybe an hour I listened to your *Hint* The hell does c3 c4 b4 b3 b2 c2 c1 mean? And I am not trying to be mean I am being honest. Try to be more specific as to what the hell the code means.

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2.27 / 5.00

Nov 3, 2011
3:09 PM EDT