Nyan Plumet

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Needed a break from my other projects so did what came to me in a dream...



I think it's very good! Nice Nyan Animation! Probably The Best Under Judgement Animation i've seen! I would hope this passes Judgement! Good Job!

ChuklesDaClown responds:

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it.

Mm Breakfast...

Bout time....that cat was getting annoying.....just hope he tastes good.

ChuklesDaClown responds:

Tasted like Chinese food to be honest, but either way I gotta pick up some pop-tarts for tomorrow, I am out.

An excellent Parody of the recent Nyan Cat Fad.

I really like how you hear the music build up as the cat is plummeting to the earth...and then to land in a toaster because his body is a poptart...classic. :) I found myself smiling at the sheer irony and the cute but clever animation. Man you have crazy dreams. :P I would suggest, however, making some indication after he falls in the toaster that it was over. The reason I say this was because I thought it was going to be a loop judging by how the cat was falling. Then I saw the button after considering closing the window and he lands in the toaster. I expected more only to find I was disappointed. So give it a more definitive indication of its ending and I will be satisfied. Otherwise, great aniimation, creative idea, worth 9 stars in my book and a good vote.

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ChuklesDaClown responds:

Thanks, I will consider it. Kinda left the toaster sitting there in the grand theme of infinite nyans. I wasn't even gonna end it but my friends ignorant of the ways of poptart cats were like... does it end or just loop? However always room for improvement. Thanks for reviewing.

old times man.

to be honest, this reminded me of how newgrounds used to be. i'm a fan of classics and this definately would be a classic in my opinion. keep it up.

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ChuklesDaClown responds:

I am flattered, thank you. I take that as a big complement.

Poor nyan cat! P.S. it was adorable!

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Nov 3, 2011
1:38 PM EDT
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