Super Anime War epi. 1

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I recently decided to continue this series I started long time ago...
I was just starting using flash, and back then I was really pleased at the result...
I know it`s not so good...but it was a start...then I started on episode 2 and stop in the middle...i decided to upload epi 1 in here and to re-start work on episode 2...
I originaly made it in portuguese so i needed to translate it...sorry if anything is wrong

thats basically it... hope you enjoy

(Para os brasileiros a versao em portugues esta em meu site...)

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really good...

it was a pretty good animantion and i look forward to the next fight thought i get using the space bar to advance the dialog but do have then when they fight it kinda of took me out of the action and annoyed me when it pasued so they could finish talking other then that really good and look forward to part two

Good job.

The small translation errors did annoy me a little, but it was a good flash. I'll be waiting for the next episode, so don't dissapoint me. DBZ may be overkill, but Light from Death Note just has to write their name in the death note and hide for 40 seconds.

Greedow responds:

Gonna try doing better with the translation and gonna try not to dissapoint you ^^.
by the way...I don`t think Light would be able to hide 40 seconds from a DBZ character...(unless they start powering up..XD)
thanks for the 10/10

Sprite battle has promise

Sir you can't do a video like this and not know who shadow is from FFIV(FFIII)

I'd honestly ditch the subtitle or atleast the white box makes it look hastily done, think out your design and maybe get rid of the need to press space bar got more anoying than useful

Good sprite battle though, maybe have a bit more 'impact' camera shake or sprite response from being hit.

Greedow responds:

from FF...(wish I played more of them...)...anyway...
like I said in the description I was just beginning on using flash, meaning my skills to make something look good were really low...
Gonna try doing something about the camera and dialogs in the next one...

Nice however

You really cant compare dbz fighters to any other anime its just not possible considering they can destory the whole within seconds so it doesnt work out right XD maybe you should have used street fighter people instead of dbz because they just own everyone thats my opinion but anyway Great work was pretty entertaining :D

Greedow responds:

I tought about using SF too...but i give it up because there is already to many SF tournaments in flash...(and because the size of the sprites...XD)
thanks for the 9/10 ^^

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4.05 / 5.00

Nov 3, 2011
9:47 AM EDT