Battle Planes RPG

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An old-school text-based multiplayer mud game. The game has monthly monetary value rewards for top players.

Wiki: http://battle-planes.com/

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Not bad. Wish people were online though. Add a thing you can buy in the Soul Shop that detects other player's for 100 Souls level 1. It'll detect anyone within 500,500 distance of you, and it can go up to 10 level's which has a detection rage of like within 10,000, 10,000 of you.

This game is decent has decent text based engine The fighting system is easier to understand . thats good.

Cons: This game the player must try to survive otherwise your level progress will set back to level 1 . The Town shops are expensive to boost armor and power . The Soul shop requierements are set high . but once bought the soulshop items stay with you even if you die.

The Town defender bosses can be tricky and hard to beat . Suggestion : Over-level your character by wandering the virtual planes then visit and try your "luck" . The Gold obtaining is low so a fixed upgrade should try to get you more gold without getting risky fight with the great monsters .

The coordinate locator can be tricky to find towns. copy the coordinates to get to towns:

1 town: X:10 Y:106 6.town:X:250 Y:250 11.town:X:10,000 Y:10,000
2 nd town : X:25 Y:25 7.town X:500 Y:500 12. town: X: 25,000 Y:25,000
3rd town : x:50 Y:50 8.town X:1000 Y:1000 13. town: X:50,000 Y:50,000
4.town: x:75 Y: 75 9.town X:2500 Y:2500 14.town :X:100,000 Y:100,000
5.town : x:100 Y:100 10.town X:5000 Y: 5000 15.town:X:250,000 Y:250,000
16.town : x:500,000 Y:500,000 17. town : figure out its logic.
You can create an account to save your progress or obtain a guest account below:

Guest accounts are available. Sorry I did not mention this.

User: guest
Pass: guest

(They do NOT save your data as they are guest accounts though)

Good Game if you like text based rpgs and a different concept out of the facebook rpgs .

I play as Warrior2345 in the game . Have fun and play!!!!

Not making an account.

its a very good time killer

i like this better then those stupid facebook apps that require you to come back in an hour to do this or that im in the process of getting rid of those apps in my life and for me this is like the smokers patch

Retimer responds:

Thanks Joe - If you need anything you can catch me in game sometimes as Ray, or at support@wrathgames.com

Logging in? D:

I dont want to create a account just to try out a game...

At least have a try before you create a account place...like a guest...

Retimer responds:

Hi Eliza,

Guest accounts are available. Sorry I did not mention this.

User: guest
Pass: guest

(They do NOT save your data as they are guest accounts though)

The reason you need to create an account (like every multiplayer game that saves your data), is so it can have an account to reference to. Otherwise, non-guest accounts do not save, and your work during your 'try' if you end up liking the game is unsaved.

Sorry the guest account was not detailed for the NG release.


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2.96 / 5.00

Nov 3, 2011
3:01 AM EDT
Adventure - RPG