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Nov 2, 2011 | 9:56 PM EDT

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is a simple and incredible creator of avatars with over 100 parts incredible, (really amazing).



Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Good start, but . . . .

while the concept is good, the execution leaves a LOT to be desired.
you can choose from 10 to 14 different features of 4 parts of the face. the choices are pretty standard with very little imagination. you are able to alter the sizes of your choices but you need to be very careful if you do.
i increased the size of the mouth (BOCA) as far as it would go just to see what would happen. IT COVERED THE WHOLE SCREEN ! ! seriously, it grew WAY beyond the size of the face it was supposed to be attached to and even covered the control buttons.
there is no body. just a face and upper neck.
you can only choose from 4 skin colors.
THERE IS NO RESET BUTTON ! ! a BIG minus in my book. you should be alowed to erase your mistakes.
the music wasn't too bad and if you don't like it, you can always mute it with the "music" button in the upper right corner. this is a plus as some games will not let you mute the music.
another plus is the LMH quality buttons in the upper right corner.

1. RESET BUTTON. you ARE able to return to start, but only by clicking the buttons many, many times. there should be some way to reset everything without killing your mouse.
2. HAVE MORE THAN JUST A FACE. maybe include the shoulders or even the upper torso. if you do, please don't forget buttons for shirts/tops.
3. ALLOW MORE FACE SHAPES. you only have 1 face outline that never changes. you might want to allow people to make the face different shapes. even if it is only a few different shapes, it would still be better than only 1.
4. DO NOT ALLOW THE FACIAL FEATURES TO LEAVE THE FACE. see my above comment about the mouth (BOCA). it makes the face look horrible.
5. MORE THAN 1 LANGUAGE. not everyone can speak or read Spanish. i have only a very limited understanding of the language myself.
6. MORE VARIETY OF THE FEATURES. the only features that had any real differences were the features for the hair/hats (PELO). the rest had very little variety.
8. KEEP YOUR FACE HUMAN. some people will tell you to include non-human faces (elves, furries, cartoons, etc). DON'T ! just improve what you already have. if you try to do all the other stuff, the results will not be that good.
9. HAVE SEPERATE BUTTONS FOR THE HAIR AND HATS. maybe even buttons for hair color while you are at it. don't worry about buttons for hat colors. they most likely wouldn't add anything to the game. just keep the hats whatever color you want.
10. HAVE SEPERATE BUTTONS FOR EYES AND GLASSES. i would recommend at least 5 different frames/styles for the glasses/shades. as with the hair, you should have buttons for different colors for the eyes. you should have 4-7 colors for the eyes. don't bother having different colors for the glasses/shades though as i don't think that will add to the game. if you do decide to offer colors for the glasses/shades, keep it limited.
11. HAVE MORE SKIN COLORS. increase the choices from 4 to 8. by having more skin tones, people will be more likely to identify with the avatar they create as it will more closely match their own skin tone.

i hope these will help.
good luck !


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many, thank you very much, I do