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Extreme Spelling

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Author Comments

We were looking to build a game that would be similar to defend your castle but at the same stage we really wanted to see some more typing games appear as this helps users improve their speed so each word is in the dictionary and are fairly common words.

The issue with typing speed has now been amended.

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mhh, mhh, not bad

Extreme coding

the obvious keystroke issue has been mentioned already but I didn't see anyone mention the obvious difficulty with the transparency of the words above the mobs heads. when multiple 'baddies' stack the words over their head become almost completely illegible. If more than one made it to the wall, I'd be struggling to figure out what the words are, and i'm left guessing the first letter so that the rest will disappear. That being said, the disappearing letters were actually more harmful than helpful, especially combined with the loss of time attributed to having to check my hand position when keystrokes weren't being registered. Once a word is started I have to make a mistake to erase the current word being typed which only then highlights another word group I may have no interest in starting (of course this is all in regards to strategic organizing of word priority: repeating words, rhymes, and ones closest to the castle)

Please address the coding,
offer a quality control setting, along with the Mute,
and remove the transparency of the lettering, the aesthetics aren't worth the frustration for your audience.

not bad, but

I find myself having to type slowly for it to recognise my keystrokes. because of this i normaly get over run by level 3. if i type at full speed, it dosent recognise all my keystrokes like when i type the word Cook. It will get thgouh coo, or co, but then it will sit there on the next letter and make me retype what i just pressed. please fix.

Functional, but choppy

The game looks well designed and illustrated, but the control is off. The game often fails to recognize keystrokes if I don't insert small pauses between, often causing me to have to start the word over again, even though I didn't make any mistakes.

Pretty good

It's a pretty good game, but it gets boring somewhat quickly.

One major problem I have is that if I type too fast, occasionally one of the letters doesn't register, and so I have to limit my typing speed. Aside from that, I don't think there are any other major issues about this game.