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PKMN: World of Chaos EP 6

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Author Comments

*UPDATE-25OCT2017* Video format added so you can watch it on your mobile.
*UPDATE* - 15JAN2014* Repaired the medals and fixed some of the Sound FX. Enjoy!

Finally! I'm proud to present episode 6 (while flapping my lips with my finger and making stupid sounds). Sorry for the wait, but this episode is pretty big (I actually had to add more RAM to my laptop to finish it). 34,000 frames, 200 spoken lines, 3 interactive battles, and a run time of about 23 minutes. And this is just episode 6! That being said, most future episodes won't be this big. For those of you who aren't familiar with this series, it is NOT a parody. It's an action/adventure series with a slightly darker tone then usual for Pokemon.

I've added several new features to the episode. First of all is voice acting. The voices come in varying qualities, but they all did a great job saying the lines correctly (which is what I was mostly concerned with). I plan to continue adding voices to future episodes, but I can't promise I'll have the same actors for the same characters each time.
The next major feature is interactive battles and there's 3 in this episode. I plan to make all future battles interactive. I've also added the option of just watching the battle for those who don't want to play.
Sorry about the medals, they were never approved and were removed when Newgrounds revamped. I'm not sure it's possible to add medals to submissions that aren't considered games anymore.

This episode is highly experimental, so let me know what you think in the comments box. Special thanks to the following people: EASTBEAST for encouraging me to make these changes and for all the advice he's given me so far. S-Ops for making the awesome new intro sequence! And Tom Fulp for raising my upload limit!

If you'd like to help out with this series or any of my other projects, just periodically check my user page to see what I've got going on. Please enjoy Pokemon: World of Chaos Episode 6!

Heres the cast list:
TeejayNumber13 (me) - Myself, Old Mechanic
Melanie - Herself
Rina-chan - Gardevoir
Seymour - Gallade, Professor Oak
HarlandGirl - Professor Fennel
SatanBear - Bianca, Officer Jenny
darkkirby02 - Commander Mars



I enjoyed the addition of voice acting (I sent in a submission, but I realized afterwards that it sucked majorly). Loving the new battle system, and the animation for the trucks, the end credits, etc. is very well done. Good job.


perfect i love the series and i cat wait for the next one (if there will be a next one)

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Again i say awesome i loved the rpgs battles the sprites are fantastic the drawings are fantasic some parts are funny the animation was smooth nice voice actors and i can see why this took such a long time great job 5/5 10/10 keep up the good work!

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I love the upgrades to the video and animation! Especially the ability to battle. However, there are a few things that were wonky.
1 - If you are defeated for the 2nd battle the Froslass does not go away, it stays there and the other Pokemon sprites are just put on top of it, including the 2nd Froslass.
1.5 - the same battle if yo're defeated the health bars are red, and then yellow, and then red again.
2 - If you use up all of a move's PP it goes to 1 less than Max PP for that move. Or maybe it's a glitch and it's supposed to be at Max already, I'm not sure.
3 - Houndour's Bite had invisible PP in 3rd battle (didn't use the move to check if it worked)
3.5 same battle, Shadow Rush does not go down in PP (don't know if this is intentional, I assume it is since Gardevoir is a Shadow Pokemon)

Despite all that, I love it :) This is a really great series and makes me all nostalgic to play Pokemon again! I should get White this time. I've never actually played anything past the 2nd generation..

You Could brush up on your voice acting though ;") Gallade was really well done. Rina-chan awesome as always.
7/10 (I know that doesn't add up)
and Fave'd

Keep up the good work, and continue to improve! :]

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teejay-number13 responds:

Thanks for the review. There's more bugs then I thought in this when It comes to losing and trying again. The code in this version was experimental so it's kind of messy. I'm redoing the code now to make it cleaner and more efficient for future episodes. I didn't finish the PP system because I'll probably just omit it altogether in the future.

As far as the voice acting, people seem to prefer overly emotional characters with extreme personalities and that's not how I like my characters. So I'm not sure the voices will change much in the future.


this sure was awesome:3

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Credits & Info

4.16 / 5.00

Nov 2, 2011
12:34 PM EDT
  • Daily 3rd Place November 3, 2011

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