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Inuyasha H.A.

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Inuyasha wakes up in the forest and strange things start happening.

Just a really short game i made for Halloween, turned out to be a few days late due to all the extra crap i wanted to add.

most of the art was rushed so its pretty sketchy but i dont have any intention of fixing it.
Thanks for playing.

going to make a little item FAQ here for future use.~

stick:(found in the first forrest map)
turns into torch when you throw it in the fireplace.

Miroku's staff: (found in the left forest map)
allows you to travel up the endless staircase.

Hoe: (found in the map outside keades hut, leaning on the farm fence.)
doez what a hoe doez.

Toy: (found at the base of the endless staircase.)
completely useless.. was fun to make Inu hold it though.

Torch: (throw the stick into the fire)
it makes light.

Kagome's Bag: (on the ground, in the dark village.)
Another useless item, just there to torment you forever.

Hidden items
best to play the game through 1 time before getting these because the diamond changes the ending.~

click on the farm in the top left corner of the dark village and you will be in a secret map.
Use the hoe on the farm and get a pumpkin.

bring the pumpkin to keades hut.
throw it in the fire.

MC Pickaxe:
Go to kikyo's grave at the top on the staircase.
Open the grave while holding the Jack-o-Lantern.

MC Diamond:
go to the area you found miroku's staff.
Use the pickaxe to break the rocks.

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This was fun!

a very cute little game and the secret ending was pretty funny! kudos to you!

I loved everything about this! The drawings do their job so I think you did great on them. The game itself is very entertaining with all the hidden items and different ending and choices. It's so very well put together and I enjoyed it a lot. :)

amazing game all my fave things combined, inuyasha, horror and minecraft! XD 5/5

*chilles* Good job man!