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to kids who love pokemon - SORRY
to nintendo - SORRY
to kids with cancer - SORRY
to parents with kids with cancer - SORRY
to mild mannered farmers - SORRY

To elaborate, we were going to to a pokemon collab, I'm not that familiar with pokemon so I figured I'd tie it into all those twisted TLC shows that document screwed up/unhealthy individuals as well as Discovery channel shows that take things to the XTREME. This wasn't some blatant attempt to mock sick people...come on now.



I give it a perfect note cause, let's face it, It's grade A material I just watched lol
I just wish we could see more of that kind of humour on television. :3

You sick bastard

It made me realize...I'm lucky, I'm not sick or dying, and my dadachu doesn't cry like a fuckin' pussy....


So sick as funny

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I don't understand some people treat this as taboo

Sure it's a touchy subject and it should be treated very seriously in the real world. But there is nothing wrong with poking some fun every now and again. It's important that artists can express themselves on any subject. My grandfather died from cancer, but you know what, if he was still around to see this we would have both laughed at this together.

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that was hilariousness!!!

OMG dude had me dying!! when he tried to cut his tumor open i almost pissed my pants!!! Great animation and funny ass jokes! And to all those bitching, get over it, its comedy and a cartoon for fuck sakes....

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Nov 1, 2011
8:02 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody

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