MLP: Rarity bath time

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Just a small loop of Rarity hanging out in a bath after a long day of making dresses. Made it as a small test from things I learned while making my first flash.


This is so pretty and nice :3
I would have made the colours in the background a bit lighter though, but that's just my personal taste I suppose.

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I am generally not a person who is for simple moving pictures, but this is an exception! I think this may in fact be the best piece of MLP fanart I've ever seen! Of course, by "best", I mean the kind that comes to the closest to looking like the TV show looks. I love how some of the other pony characters appear in this. This is just what makes the show so awesome with its animation! I do kind of think this should go more in the Art Portal.

I love how you have a really soft melody to soothe the viewer as they are watching this great piece. A full fledged cartoon would be perfect. It's even great to see the drops of water on the ground! It's great to be introduced to someone so talented. This is pretty much everything that made MLPFIM so popular.

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Clerick responds:

I didn't know we had an art portal, thanks!

so fuck im good

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Can we get the music please? :O

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Not bad at all

Pretty entertaining little loop and very well animated too. For a moment you feel like closing out just seeing here but paying attention to the background you see the ponies doing different things everywhere. Nice to know Rarity was relaxing though.

The graphics here are pretty close to the show though so nice work on doing that at least anyways. Enjoy how it is an endless loop with very relaxing music fitting for bath time as well. Very well done animation. Rarity seems really relaxed here which is nice.

Twilight's balloon goes up and then a few frames later comes down on the opposite side which is nice. Then I see Rainbow Dash dashing around in the background. I also saw Fluttershy was just being kind in going up higher which was nice to see.

I also noticed Applejack going into the barn from time to time which was nice to see. Also what was the house producing smoke from time to time? Was that meant to be Sugarcube Corner and indicating that Pinkie Pie was making goods? If so then nice since it would explain why Pinkie isn't seen here.

Then I saw the clouds in the back moving to the right making it all that much better. Very well done though for a loop.

Overall, I found this enjoyable and very relaxing to listen to as well. What was the name of the song anyways? Nice work on this, hope you make more in the future.

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Nov 1, 2011
4:38 PM EDT