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Uncover the mysteries of the Delta sector in this epic 2D vertical space shooter! With over 20 pulse-pounding missions, 5 unique boss battles, configurable ship upgrades and dynamic re-playable levels, be prepared to be immersed in the best 2D shooter built in Flash!

Purchase upgrades to configure your ship for battle to meet unique enemy scenarios. Return to previous missions to uncover new content and deadlier enemies.

Movement: Keyboard Arrow Keys
Fire Blasters: C
Fire Missiles: X
Shield Bomb: Z (when upgraded)

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This game was great. Except difficult could be too much.
Sometimes I died and I had no idea what killed me.
I did guess who the traitors where.
The games needs a magnet upgrade to get crystals that would be great.
To beat last boss I found out that taping is more efficient that way you can shoot all the time.
special attack is useless it can't even kill enemies...


This is my favorite style of game.

I would like a crystal gathering skill of some sort.

One minor bug to report... when starting each mission I can't move until I click in the screen with the mouse. Then suddenly wasd works.

Great work. keep it up.

myplayyard responds:

Thank you, I'll forward that to the developer.

Really good.

This game is really good. Everyday i come back to Newgrounds, i go to this game to continue it. I love the customization.

Good job.

myplayyard responds:

Thank you, It is my pleasure

Love the customization and descriptions

I enjoyed the upgrade system probably far more than I should have. I loved seeing what each upgrade did, where they were located, and the descriptions at the top of how it would be integrated onto the ship itself.

The gameplay has a nice difficulty curve, and I wanted to beat the levels that stomped me, even if it took multiple tries. The game over screens also offer some good tips, and slight humor.

Great shooter - Good Balance

I think the best thing about this game is that overall, it's not easy. There are a lot fo shooters out there where you hold the button down and profit. Not here. You actually have to think about what to build up first and how to tackle a few things. Sure, once you beast your weapon out things get easier, but you've got to dodge stuff too. All in all, a great game to take time up at class, at work, whatever.

Credits & Info

3.82 / 5.00

Nov 1, 2011
5:25 AM EDT