The Curse of Draculas Cum

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It took me a few days to make. Based faithfully on Bram STROKER's Dracula.

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Goddamn werewolves writing these reviews just don't know that future you is comedy gold on youtube! Go fuck yourselves, ya fuckin werewolves!

Not too good

The graphics aren't the best around, but they aren't what I would call "poor". Hey, at least you tried drawing real characters instead of just stick figures or using lame and poorly cut out pictures.

The voices are very hard to understand because they are rather quiet. Subtitles might help here. That way everything can be understood just fine without having to turn up the speakers.

Storywise... well, I've seen worse on NG, but it's really not my cup of tea.

{ Review Request Club }

underdone, and not the greatest idea :[

This flash could have been a lott better...

The animation was poor, the story was pretty stupid, and I really didn't get your humor. When I saw the adult rating I was pretty uneasy, and man was I right.
This concept is straight trashy bro, and I honestly don't think this will carry any weight in the Halloween2011 collection.

I don't know why you wanted us to review this, but I do hope that your future submissions will be a bit more acceptable to a common audience -.-


-Review Request Club-

I'm not gonna lie...

That sucked.

No really, I'm not making an immature joke, that was just bad.

The animation was mediocre at best, the voices were stupid, the joke was terrible, there just didn't seem to be alot of effort put into it.

I really feel like I wasted my time on this.

Try harder next time.

<Review Request Club>

Looks like a few days wasted

Seriously, this was not your best effort. The humour seems to be appealing to the more puerile members of the community, who need little encouragement in their own depraved ways, while on top of that, you've gone a little over their head, intellectually. The plot is too long-winded for people like that to pay much attention to and as a result, there are going to be people from that walk of life, who will click away, because the sex takes too long to happen.

The drawing needs more work - try zooming out and using a slightly smaller pointer tool, to give you a greater degree of control over your drawing. Once you've got some good looking characters, you'll be able to animate better, because the piece will look more impressive, so you're onto a winner straight away.

I'm sure you know how a penis works - the werewolf won't be sucking off a flaccid Dracula and he won't reach orgasm, without becoming erect. Simply for realism (really, in a piece about a vampire and a werewolf?), this needs to be rectified. Finally, because werewolves are the more powerful, he'd be more likely to dominate Dracula and fuck him senseless, possibly killing him in the process, which would be a much better ending, if I'm honest.

The last issue that I wish to focus on is the quality of the voices - they need to be addressed, so that you can progress with your abilities. Go and work on these and hopefully, you'll end up with a much more rounded piece and something that's worthy of a score around 3.

[Review Request Club]

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2.77 / 5.00

Oct 31, 2011
10:28 PM EDT
Comedy - Original