SUF Opening- Remade

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I decided that the first version was not as good as I could have made it. So, I decided to remake it with the same song, but change some of the scenes and how I animated this one. I'm working on Episode 1 so get over it. Write a comment about something useful, not useless shit because I will cuss you the fuck out.

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I don't know where the shit comments are coming from, or the hate being put on fan forms of Sonic characters, but I'm certainly not one who just says stuff like that. This opening is very decent. It keeps quite a bunch of the first try of the opening, so it looks like the changes are mostly the ending (where Sonic co. and the antagonists collide) and where the fan forms fight. But good job nonetheless.

close minded?

A.) didn't know sonic was an owl, and could turn his head all the way around. (beginning)

B.) retarded fan forms are retarded. don't tell me I'm close minded. these forms are retarded and were made when dbz and sonic were at it's highest point.

The spines look retarded, the names are stupid, everything about those fan forms, are stupid. instead of using ones already made up by marnicx and SS124, make some of your own. more original. you get a five for the animation.

DarkspineShanic responds:

A.) His head doesn't make a 180 degree turn, his body is slightly at an angle so his head is turned to the right. Useless comment

B.) Comment makes no sense and is pointless

Your comment is pointless, doesn't have any good ctitique or advice. And maybe I like the ones by SS124, that's not your right to say I can't use them when I have permission to. Getting a 5 just for the animation is mostly you being an ass about which sprites I use

Don't submit unfinished things!

Don't submit intros. Especially when they're longer than an episode! Intros are 5 - 20 seconds; no more. Any longer, and they count as a flash all on their own. This flash had no plot, so don't make your intros into flashes.

Also, subtitles should not be in the same language as the spoken words, unless the words cannot be understood.

DarkspineShanic responds:

1. I'll submit intros if I want to
2. They can be as long as I want, and I intended it to be a Flash of it's own.
3. It's not suppose to have a plot, it's an opening you sack of garbage
4. I'll put the subtitles in any language I want.

All of your statements you made were just "personal preferences". I honestly could care less on your personal preference. It's lower than dog shit to me

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Oct 31, 2011
8:40 PM EDT
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