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Pumpkin Wiz

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Author Comments

I had so many issues making this that I ultimately had to shorten down the amount of levels. Hopefully its not too hard and is enjoyable. Most of the audio and graphics are simple. I'm afraid the game song might become annoying after awhile lol, sorry for that. Overall I think I did okay being out of practice using Clickteam's tools. I never realized how much I relied on extension of MMF2. Thanks for trying this game out.

If you so happen to get stuck and want to try the next level hold down "N" "X" "T" and you will go to the next one.

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Nice try.

This game was really a nice attmept, but there are LOTS of things you should improve tho. Starting by the Tune played while the player walks. I mean, what the f*ck is that? does not even sound musical, or has a pitch so high that made it look so. The character's movement is VERY slippery (wich is not really a big deal, but should be fixed). And most of the sprites don't fit the game. Some sprites seem to be 8-bit and other are next gem. You should make them to fit each other.

It was a great idea, but badly implemented. I hope my feedback does serve you well.

Cool Game

I'm only on level 9 so far but sweet game. the first non-tutorial level was definitely too hard ha took me a while. harder than every level ive played since. Good Job though

it looked interesting

problem was the difficulty went from tutorial to die 20 times and not wanting to spend the time to bother with it further.

And perhaps it's just me but the wand looks a little rude. That didn't detract from the score though, just an observation.

goofygamer87 responds:

Thanks for the comment WickedSid. I do know the difficulty skyrockets after the tutorial ones. I had about 10 easier ones but I lost the work I had done on it so I just made the ones that follow to not just have a few easy ones.

As for the wand, I know what you mean. Not my intention just working with small small space and pixels.


Yeah, the music is slightly annoying, and the sounds are extremely simplistic. The controls are also very flawed.

I appreciate the amount of work you put into it though.

goofygamer87 responds:

Thanks for the review Duffany1. What about the controls did you find flawed? Is it the button choice or the actual control of the character?

I also plan on updating or creating a new more fleshed out game based on the same idea. So any criticism is fine by me. :)

Credits & Info

2.93 / 5.00

Oct 31, 2011
8:34 PM EDT

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