Hallow's Scars

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High Scores

Best Brawlers
1. C01 24,900
2. Kwing 22,900
3. djole8 22,300
4. pablito1232 21,169
5. THatMagiCgUY 21,100
6. aDeafBat 20,835
7. iliuss 20,695
8. TehAvenger 20,600
9. deimos13 20,040
10. BrentLorend 20,000
11. Beleberda 19,820
12. IcedHeart 19,775
13. kingraptor147 19,640
14. pirate9899 19,100
15. schnubbi 19,040
16. Paspartan1 19,025
17. Sepultura123 18,160
18. Dracowyn 17,820
19. jameswillowdust5 17,795
20. deadpool14 17,240

Author Comments

A collaboration between me, Mike Hindley (Dracelix), and Kwing, we started a little under a month ago and give you this. Play as Benjamin Scars, a demon from hell, and fight through ten waves of enemies. Compete for the highest score on the leaderboards in this beat-em up arena style game.

Arrow Keys - Move
Z - Projectile
X - Radial Attack
C - Teleport
Space - Attack


Not bad... But no intro tho!

It's okay I geuss

I dont even know wat to do on this game its just... no

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Just plain bad


Thsi game is wierd. it feels like an alpha that shouldn't have been released yet. it has plenty of potential, but it's so rough around the edges that you could sand a floor with it.

The graphics were pretty cool . that's the best thing to be said about it. the style of the character art was striking and memorable. Everything else just felt sloppy and unfinished though. Like the way attacking instantly stops or starts with spacebar, and the fact that there's no sound, blood, knockback, or reaction of any sort from hitting things. That coupled with the high health made me wonder for the first minute if i was even hitting anything at all. (and the health bars are hard to see)

it feels like you started on making a great game, and stopped working on it when it was only 15% finished. There's a lot of neat things that could be done here, but this game as is just feels like an empty, unfinished shell.

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Credits & Info

3.94 / 5.00

Oct 31, 2011
7:04 PM EDT
Action - Fighting - Brawler