Hallow's Scars

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A collaboration between me, Mike Hindley (Dracelix), and Kwing, we started a little under a month ago and give you this. Play as Benjamin Scars, a demon from hell, and fight through ten waves of enemies. Compete for the highest score on the leaderboards in this beat-em up arena style game.

Arrow Keys - Move
Z - Projectile
X - Radial Attack
C - Teleport
Space - Attack



I think most of the problems came between us having different versions of Flash. My engine played great on its own, and your graphics look amazing... Sadly it seems something was lost in translation when you plugged in everything. Still, a good step forward.

nice music!!

just checking out new games in the portal and stumbled across this and found that my track is the Main Theme!! that's so awesome!! the character and bad guys look really cool awesome. thanks for choosing my track and Happy Halloween!!

C01 responds:

Hey, thanks for the awesome track! Happy Halloween.

Well it's a cool looking game but...

While the game is entertaining (though short), it feels like it got some issues with the attacks.

I*ve only played on easy, so I don't know if the game will remain as easy while just using the sword, but the problem is that no attack other than the sword seemed to deal any damage.

Outmanouvering the foes seemed quite easy, as you just had to run up to them, and start hitting, but there was no need to ever hit and run, making you hold the space bar constantly while in battle.

As a demonstration I guess it's an interesting game, and I will look forward to any future projects.

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great for a first attempt at this style

just to let people know, this project was as sepulture123 describes, like a demo, being that we wanted to try a new style of gameplay than the tankmen: battle turn based style.
we also used new animations and with 2 artists we had time to develop upon more enemies to keep the content lasting a little longer.

we know there are a few(lot) of things that could be fixed or tweaked to better the gameplay and overall experience, but mainly the problems were on the coding side of things and our coder was limited to flash 8 which has limitations in itself and problems in moving codes between flash 8 and to cs5.5 which c01 used to bring the whole game together.

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It's okay I geuss

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3.94 / 5.00

Oct 31, 2011
7:04 PM EDT
Action - Fighting - Brawler